Wednesday, September 13, 2017


This is sort of life lately, but really, it is the past few weeks, since I am catching up on everything.  After this, I should be back to somewhat normal posting....? Maybe.

A few weeks ago, my parents kept my brother's kiddos so we did a cousin date out to kanki-- I swear, they love this place.  

 We are in full blown golf mode over here.  They are all about it lately and it's been fun to watch them improve and enjoy it. 
 And watching them carry their clubs is adorable too, if you ask me. 

They are loving a date to the driving range-- we've been up there a bunch.  

 But, alas, that isn't our only sport right now.... baseball started a few weeks ago too.  The boys are on the same team again, which is a scheduling sigh of relief.  There is a pretty wide range of talent on the team again, but it's great for both boys (and only one team to keep up with is pretty amazing for momma). 
 I went to a MOM party a few weekends ago, and Bruce was determined to help me get ready-- excuse the hair half done-ness. 
 It was a fun party and I managed to spill stuff all over my dress.  Whoops.  Got to get this to the cleaners asap. 

 Back on the golf course- not sure why the visor was flipped?

I mean.... with that smile.....
 I think they played 24 holes this day. 

We had a really really really REALLY bad week with Andy's tummy.  So bad that I took him in after hours to see a doctor.  He listened to everything we have been trying and decided it was time to see a specialist (all the praise hands), so we finally have our appointment today.  Thank goodness.  A warm bath seemed to ease some of his pain, so he spent some time in our tub-- and this sign is a good reminder to us both.  (thank you, amy!)
 Bruce LOVES going to get the boys every afternoon from the bus stop.  I swear, on the walk home, he acts like hes talking to them about their days.  Just three boys, chatting it up. 

Some of the sweet neighborhood friends took me and Amy out for our birthdays- we went to Bartaco and had a great time!

 I celebrated my actual birthday at the beach for Labor Day weekend.  I woke up that morning and the boys and Eddie had me come downstairs for my gift-- and new bike! It is a super cute beach cruiser-- along with a basket, drink holder and a cell phone holder! I promptly took it for a ride with music blaring from my phone.  Super cute!

 The boys were SUPER excited because it was a total surprise and I had zero idea about it. 

We spent a lot of Labor Day out on the water--

 Why does Bruce's smile crack me up so much?

 Obviously he loves a golf cart ride!

Oh this is big time life lately.... my sweet friend Ashley Luke's husband was named the interim head coach at Ole Miss-- this is the dear friend that we have gone to visit the past few years for a game.  We are SO excited for them-- this picture popped up in my time line after their first win of the season.  I could cry for them!
 How about the sunset???? ahhhhhhh
 He loved it too. 
 More smiling Bru.
 So these two dogs walk into a bar......
 And before we knew it, it was time to head back home again.  Bruce doesn't want to miss a THING in the front seat, so he breathes on me the whole way home.  He's cute though.  So it's okay.
 He also will listen while Cal reads to him, so that's pretty great too. 

Andy's teacher sent me a text: she spotted the boys spotting each other on the playground and had to take this picture-- talk about making my day!!!! 

Throw in one more sport, why don't ya..... we started swim up last week.  He went to one practice last week, and the first 55 minutes were spent discussing the expectations and then they swam a 100 free (four laps).  
 He LOVED LOVED LOVED it.  Couldn't wait to go back. 
 he went on Monday and I am not kidding, the kid probably did 50-60 laps, full out each time.  He was COOKED when he finished.  The pic below is from his first practice.  I didn't get one from the second-- he was too tired to smile- ha!

So that's life lately, but from a few weeks ago.  We've got a big guy turning EIGHT this weekend, a first baseball game and lots of other fun stuff coming up!


Friday, September 8, 2017

Another beach trip

Before school started, we squeezed in one last beach trip and, honestly, I think it was my favorite trip of the whole summer. 

Normally when we go down there, there's family down, or we take friends down, or we try to schedule meet ups with people... this time it was just us four (five if you count Bru!), and we had so so so much fun.  The kids were well behaved, the weather was amazing, and everyone was just really happy!

This post will be picture-heavy.  I posted like a fool on instagram the whole weekend.  Couldn't help myself.  Feel free to skip over this post.  It's a long one. 

The boys and I went down Wednesday- we didn't have anything the rest of the week and all their buddies were in school so we decided to scoot.

Bruce went for a golf cart ride right off the bat-- he was super excited to go....

 SWIMMING! I swear, this is his happy place too! Look at him smiling!
 The next day, we ran to the store for some groceries.  I ran into the dollar tree to get something for the boys and picked up this hat.  I thought it was cute for a buck! ha!

We went over to the beach for a while-- this one was in heaven.  The boys were too! I didn't take any pictures there because I was trying to watch the dog and the kids and it was just a lot!
 That night we went on a sunset cruise with my parents who were down at their house with some friends. 
 It was a gorgeous sunset!

 The next morning, Cal lost another tooth! He actually pulled this one out with very little ordeal at all, shockingly!
 Snuggles with Bru

Back to the beach-- these two played in the surf for hours! It was LOVELY out there!

 I love these next two:

And the pool:

Eddie was coming down that night so I let the ids stay up to wait for him.  Andy fell into the nap trap and didn't make it to see him get there. 
 The next day was beyond beautiful.  We headed out in the boat and had the best day out on the water.
 That smile! That hair!!!
 We went to sand dollar island, which is basically my favorite spot, and played for hours. 

 We found many many sand dollars, but decided to leave them all there for others coming. 
 The boys worked with the trainer kite.... (see those clouds in the back ground?!)

Me and the Nugster, ignoring the clouds behind us....

Lots of water playing (there was a big ledge there that he was diving into-- definitely not shallow water as it appears)
 Another sand dollar!

So much fun being together today.

We were having so much fun---

 The weather turned rotten pretty quickly so we had to make a quick run for it to a restaurant nearby-- no one seemed to mind!

It looked like a break in the storm, so we loaded up and headed home-- only to be hit by another storm, this with a WHOLE lot of lightning.  So we pulled into a marina and found a safe spot to hunker down and wait it out:

We made it home safely and everyone agreed that even with the storm, it was the most fun day ever.  So much so that we loaded up to do it again the next day-- this time with more fishing. 


After fishing for a while, we anchored and swam a bit.  Apparently Cal aged while we were out there. 

We had another wonderful day out on the water with our crew! I love their tan little smiles in this one. 

 Monday morning, we made plans to drive to Wilmington (just me and the boys) to visit our buddies that moved.  The kids played for a while and had a blast and then the whole basketball team showed up.  Boys were in heaven!

And then it was time for the ECLIPSE! We went over to a friend of their's dock to watch.  Boys thought it was pretty cool, but were more excited to swim and play. 


 Ms. Kris helped Andy see the eclipse--
 A big fat crew out watching:

We were supposed to head home after the eclipse, but boys were begging to stay for a sleepover.  So we ended up staying and heading out to a REALLY fun dinner at a Japanese steak house. 
 Saki in a squirt bottle the whole meal... it was hilarious and ugly and so much fun.

Randomly each kid won a ball in the grabby machine-- they were so excited!

It was such a great way to finish the summer off-- we came home and got ready to meet the teacher!