Sunday, December 31, 2017

End of 2017 Book Report

Since I have been slacking in my posts, I have four books to share in this report...

I read If You Only Knew last month and loved, loved, loved it.... so I read another book by that author this month:
On Second Thought

I didn't realize it, but I am really glad I read these in this order- there are some characters that reappear in the second book that I got to meet in the first book and it was good to know their history.  I found a lot of humor in this book, even though there is sadness too.  I really enjoyed it!

After I Do

I have read several books by this author and really liked them. This was a good read too! A couple has been married for several years and start taking each other for granted, and realize they might not love each other any more. They agree to take a full year apart for each other; no calling, no texting, no emailing, nothing. All to try and figure out how they feel for one another. Honestly, I found parts of the book sort of depressing. But I was quickly sucked into this one and found myself thinking about it when I wasn't reading it. I wanted to know what they would do at the end, and what they would chose for their future. It was a good book!

Maybe Someday

Another great book by this author I have really enjoyed this year! I loved the characters in this book and really liked the way they were each described- their personalities were fun. I think one think about this author is she tends to write the names of the characters.....a lot. For example, if the two characters were talking, they would say:
C: Bruce, why are you going outside, Bruce?
B: I have to pee, Carrie. Are you going to take me outside, or do I have to take myself, Carrie?
C: I'll take you, Bruce, Can you wait, Bruce? I am here for you, Bruce, I will take you.

Obviously that is an exaggeration, but that's how it feels sometimes. Have any of y'all read her books and noticed this?

An Island Christmas

This book was an easy, no-brainer. It was pretty short and quick. Cute and fun setting... I love Nantucket, and it sounds so magical (and cold!) at Christmas. A wedding is taking place on the island during this Christmas... and a series of events happen around getting ready for that!

I need some suggestions to read in 2018! Any good books for me to read?? Send me suggestions! Also, have you read any of the books I have? I'd love to know what you thought!


Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday this year, which was nice, other than me being utterly confused about the day/date all week long. The children's' service at church was during the 10:30 service, so they tied the pageant in with the regular service. I thought they did a wonderful job with it!

Up and ready to go by 10am on Christmas Eve:

 Bruce really thought he was getting to go too.... he wasn't.

We had some sweet stars in church:
 And Cal was quite the angel.

We went home after church and spent the day as little elves, then went over to my parents house for dinner and drinks and special visitors....

The Williamson fam:

This was so neat- Cal took over duties of reading Twas the night before Christmas to the family. I totally started to tear up, because this isn't a simple book to read (but then I caught Andy trying to steal a present and it made me crack up....)

Then, oh my WORD, Santa showed up!

Cal hopped up there first. 
 Then both boys...

Then Nug...

Andy followed Santa to the door and whispered in his ear, which we found out later he said, "Manning was really a great elf this year, can he come back again next year?"

Santa brought Cal that big mouth game.... where you put the huge plastic thing in it and try to say things. I tried it. It isn't cute. Or easy. Or flattering.

Next we moved in to the living room for carols...

Got a picture of Calvin Edwin II, III and IV.

Then Andy freaked the freak out that we were going to miss Santa. I mean bawling. He was so upset that he would come while we were gone and he would skip our house. I don't think he has ever gone to bed so quickly in his life.

As soon as both were asleep, Santa came, left boot marks and delivered his loot. 

It was a BIKE Christmas!


Friday, December 29, 2017

Merry and Bright!

We had a fun (and busy!) holiday season! Now that things are slowing down, I am taking a quick minute to document all we had going on. Lots of fun parties, tacky sweater-ness and socializing with sweet friends... a busy and glutenous month! I am ready to go on a diet ASAP. But not til next week.

Some of our friends moved into a new house at the start of December-- but before their furniture was moved, they did what any respectable adult would do: they threw a frat party. We are talking red solo cups, kegs, beer pong, zero furniture... just like in college. I even donned my old college shirt. Because, why not.

It was a FUN night with a lot of dancing and laughing. I loved it. 

Stacey got some new kicks she broke out for the occasion. 

 I think he looks like Luke from Gilmore Girls-- I have only watched an episode or two, but I see it!

 Throw your shark fins up!

Pippa wore a college sweatshirt too- loved it. 

The following night, we had a tacky sweater party. Actually, the invitation was for a "Griswold Christmas" party. We were to either dress as a character from the movie, wear a tacky Christmas sweater, or dress as a favorite Christmas song. I went for the tacky sweater (it lit up!).

 These two did their favorite Christmas song (and she never broke character the whole night- it was hysterical). (Do you know their song????)

 Eddie had to borrow a sweater- and one of my mom's old vests did the trick- hahahaha

Walking up to the house- these people do not play when it comes to Christmas!

Feeling the Christmas spirit.....

Loved Todd and Margot too!

A sign of a good night!

Another night we had a rotating dinner with some friends in our neighborhood. It was such a fun night! We had apps at one house, then switched to dinner at another house, then finished at another house for dessert.  Each house had two "teams" or couples helping host it. We finished the night with a dirty santa gift exchange- and it was dirty enough that I will not be sharing those pictures- hahaha... I gave the gift below, a twerking snowman... and it was pretty funny....
 The men of the group:

 And the ladies:

 And the group:

 I ended up going home with a Grinch costume and I couldn't love it more. hahahahaha Obviously, I had to put it on immediately.....

 And then played a fierce game of beer pong while in said costume.

 There is a group of us who have hosted a girls' party every year- we took last year off, but were back at it this year. It was held at my house this year, which was a lot of work, but a whole lot of fun. Here are the hostesses!

Another night, we had a "Murder at the Tacky Christmas Sweater" party. Oh my word, this was funny. Each person was assigned a character- they were to come to the party as their character would come to a tacky Christmas sweater party.... I was Max Maximus, a UK rockstar who would do anything to get attention.

Eddie was Sam Sugarplum, a trend-setting movie star. 

The cast of characters was ridiculously funny- everyone got really into it, which made it even more fun. 

A DJ and a elementary school principal....


The whoooooole cast of characters:

 If you've never been to one of these parties, everyone gets little clues throughout the night about their character and other characters, in order to help you try to figure out who the murderer was.

Our final night out was for our annual cocktails at the Carolina Inn...! I love this night so much. It is massive and loud, but so so fun. Every year, I manage to take pictures in the mirror of the bathroom- it is a really good mirror. :)

One final date night with my favorite guy:

Allllll the ladies- well, some of them....

A bar shot!

Some of my faves....

 It was a busy, busy month! PHEW! I am excited for January to find some health again. More working out, less junk food. But hopefully still lots of fun times with friends!

Cheers to 2018!