Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday FAVES!

Some total random favorites this week-- and can I get an AMEN that it is Friday?!?!? We are debating staying in town or being beach bound this weekend-- decisions decisions! I feel like I should stay here and get some major packing done.  But what fun is that?!

This toothbrush. Now, I am not trying to over exaggerate anything here...but ohmygah, this toothbrush is pretty much life changing.  Funny story-- years ago (we are talking 6 years, I think), the parents in Cal's playgroup went to dinner for Christmas and we did a gift exchange. One of the moms is a dentist and she didn't have time to go get a gift from the store, so she gave this as her gift and I was the lucky winner! I put it in my closet and totally forgot all about it.  Enter the packing mode I am in right now and taaaa-dahhhhhhhhh, I found it! Like Christmas all over again. My old toothbrush quit working so I tried this one.  It was like I just walked out of the dentist's office when I finished brushing.  And every time I use it, my teeth feel SO clean.  Totally lame favorite, but holy smokes- good stuff.

I didn't know I liked seltzer water.  And I probably don't like it plain at all-- but this flavored goodness is sooooo yum.  This flavor tastes like I am eating a dreamscicle.  And, I love that I am drinking water more-- score.


The Bachelorette this season is wild and crazy and, obviously, I am loving it.  This meme popped up on my feed and I cracked up.  If y'all saw the show, you know what happened....


My SHARKS are totally a favorite this week!!! They had a swim meet Wednesday night and they both did so well! 

My parents came to cheer on the boys and I am so glad they did- the boys were excited to have them there too.  

Andy loves swimming, but he also LOVES watching the meet and cheering everyone on.  He will sit and watch every single heat-- happy boy right there!

 I love this next picture for a lot of reasons-- but mainly because of his little hand on top of mine on his belly.  He's growing up and acting so old... but he's still my sweet buddy. 


Both boys got this new suit-- Cal wore it in the fashion show and I loved it and went back and got one for both boys.  Here is a similar one, way on sale...! Also like this one too, also on sale! Local friends, you can find these suits (and SO MUCH cute kiddo stuff) at Glee Kids.  I am obsessed with this store and it makes me thankful I do not have a little girl because we would be totally broke. 

There's just a few of my favorites lately-- Today is Cal's last day of school-- FINALLY-- and then we can officially begin summer!

Tell me: what's your favorite flavor of sparkling water? And, have y'all used a toothbrush like that one and do you love it like I do?!