Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend Update: camping and balling

What a fun weekend! Y'all know I am all about the memory making around here and this weekend, I feel like some good memories were made!

Backing up-- Friday was picture day at school!

I did not intend for them to match like this-- Cal asked to wear a green shirt and then Andy said he wanted a blue one.  Cal was cold so he put on his vest and then Andy insisted he wear his too-- no clue if they wore them for their pictures or not- haha.  Their hair is always a battle in the mornings... we were doing whatever it took to tame it on picture day!

Friday afternoon/evening, the country club did a huge camp out on the 18th fairway! SO neat! This was Eddie's tent set up:

All the dads decided to make it a dads and kids night so all the moms met and had dinner in the bar--! (and then I went home and slept in my bed ALL BY MYSELF and no one called out for me even one time!) Pippa and I were the first to arrive-- Sally was watching B play tennis and our other friends were either on their way or already down at the campsite.  We got drinks and the keys to a golf cart and went down to check it all out!

How pretty is this?! They had the most gorgeous night for it.  The weather got a little chilly, but in my mind, that makes for better sleeping!

 All of the kids were running around and playing like crazy- Andy caught the first fish of the night and when we pulled up in the cart, I could hear him celebrating- hahaha. 
 These 6 were fishing when I walked up-- Cal was playing football with a huge group. 

They had a big grill down there and all the campers made plates and gobbled it up.  
 These guys were almost laughing too hard to eat much....
 That was the last picture I took-- then the moms were out and I was sent this one-- Andy and Charlie snuggling up before bed time! They did not sleep in the same tent, but I think they hung out together before it was time to go to bed. 
 Speaking of bed-- sounds like all was quiet by 10:00-- not too bad, if you ask me! I figured those kids would be up and LOUD all night long! They were up early though, and I got a move on early too because we had a baseball game at 9am!

I was excited to get to go to one of Andy's game-- there really haven't been that many.  He is loving baseball! 

 I think he looks pretty darn adorable in the uniform.... but I am bias, I know....

We left Andy's baseball game and headed to Andy's soccer game! I didn't take any pictures of Andy at his game-- but I looked over to see my 15 year old sitting next to me.  

We left Andy's soccer game and headed to Cal's baseball game! (it was a busy morning....)

This team is so cute.  Sweet smiling boys! Many of the boys on this team will be moving up an age group in the spring and it makes me so sad to have them not all be together.  
 Cal really looks up to the older guys and pays attention to what they do-- thankfully they set a great example for the younger kids!

Cal decided to try being catcher this game-- heart attack for momma.  But holy cow, he sure was precious!

He was ready for battle/action....

Cal comes from a long line of catchers-- Eddie, Poppy, Pop and CB all played that position... Eddie was there to coach him along for his first time.  
He might have taken a ball or two to the cup #nopunintended ......... and I think it scared him a little bit, but he had fun doing it, so that's all that matters!

We headed home after the game and rested up because we had a fun party to go to Saturday night! Well- that was the plan.... but Eddie was flat worn out from the camp out and he is still fighting a cold (#mancold) so I ended up going without him and took Andy with me! I took zero pictures from the party, but it was really pretty out there.  It was on a farm and a really neat set up. 

We came home to see the neighbors still up and at em, so we joined them and next thing we knew, it was 11:00....! And the kids were still up....! Up until 10 Friday night, up until 11 Saturday night... What horrible parents we are!!! Bed time came early Sunday night, that's for sure!

Sunday afternoon before the early bed time, my parents came by to drop off something and they were in my dad's new little sports car... he *insisted* I take it for a drive.... Andy has been begging for a ride.  We did a quick neighborhood loop and then Andy asked to ride with Grandpa instead-- hahaha

I could melt at the way he's looking at my dad!

Off they go for a cruise! Andy loves this car!
That's a look at our weekend-- nothing too exciting! Looking forward to a busy week ahead with Eddie traveling twice (eeek) and multiple games and practices.  BRING IT!