Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Life Lately

Hey hey hey!

Gotta love it when you make it to Wednesday! We are trucking through our busy week.  Today I have plans to actually PLAY tennis-- I've been taking lessons for a while and really love it, and decided it's time to actually go out and play! Actually, that's kind of a lie... a friend who plays tennis saw that we were taking lessons and she started asking up immediately to play with her and another girl from her team (!!).  We finally agreed so today is the day...I am excited! And I hope I don't embarrass myself- actually, I am not really worried about that.  I am out there having fun and that's all that matters, right?!

I digress... here's a look at what's been happening lately! Also- realized I forgot to do this post last week, so this is a dual post, I guess.

Sweet Bruce loves it on our screened in porch- I took him for a long walk and he stood at the door crying to go out there and take his nap.  Sweet boy....

The boys also love the porch! I think I might have posted this already-- too lazy to check.  They wanted to cuddle up and watch some football out there after their showers.  Might need a bigger couch out there!

 I posted in my last Friday Favorites post about our pictures with Amber Byrd.  I might look like a house in them, but these two sure did look cute as can be! I chose not to battle with them over footwear.... I hope I don't regret that choice! The day before, we went to church and they both complained that their church shoes were hurting their feet- of course they aren't the right size, so..... and we didn't have time to go buy new shoes, so it is what it is... I think they look pretty cute though.  I can't wait to see what Amber captured!!!

Ahh, the sleeping bag.  You know, for a while there, once we moved into the new house, Andy was a great sleeper.  Then, all of a sudden BAM, back on our floor.  He loves the sleeping bag, he loves sleeping with Hank, and he loves the hard as a rock floor.  Seriously.  He sleeps great (usually) once he's there.  

Andy had a play date the other day after school and Cal wanted to help me walk the pups.  He looked so cute strolling along with Hank and his shades on.  
 Clearly the walk flat wore him out!

Andy was telling us something at dinner and Cal started cracking up and spotted the spinach in Andy's teeth.  We all were dying laughing-- he had no clue it was there.  

Got donned head to tow under armor gear the other day for school.  He said he should be sponsored by under armor- hahaha clearly he watches too much ESPN.  In other news, this pull over thing he is wearing is awesome- super soft, cozy warm, but not too hot.... he loves it and I think it looks nice! I would take one in my size!

Homework game has been upped in our house.  There is an online program the kids are required to do.  Both boys have to do it so we got a little creative--
Cal sat in the study at the kid work table on the lap top:
 And Andy sat at the big desk.  It made my heart happy to see them both hard at work, side by side.
 It also inspired me to totally redo the study.  If money were no object (ahhhh), I would love to do an L shaped desk in the corner for the boys to do their work and then get me a new desk that faced out (as opposed to the wall, where I face currently...), and I want some big book shelves behind me.  A girl can dream, right?? I started pinning some boards on pinterest-- but IS an issue and this is not high on ANY priority list.... again, a girl can dream! I would love to make this room more functional.... dream on, Momma.

Okay, switching gears.... anyone else have a husband who seems to be allergic to shutting drawers??? I swear to you, I came home and saw this-- it was too funny not to take a picture of... not ONE drawer is pushed in-hahahaha
 Seriously, why? It doesn't take that much more effort to fully close it, does it?? He's lucky he's cute...

Speaking of cute, we got BOO'd this week! In our basket, there were some stick on mustaches....Andy was a big fan of those! He couldn't stop laughing....

Rudolf has been the preferred cuddle buddy this week.  Look at him in the crook of his arm, sound asleep!

Cal got to go on a field trip last week- sadly, it was on a day when I had to work, so I missed it! But I had some wonderful friends there who sent me pictures-- here's Cal's class! 

Look who is smart now!! Moving the sleeping bag ON TOP of the bed...  he only woke up once, but stayed in his bed, errr....ON his bed for the whole night! We counted it as a win.  It's the little victories, people.  

And I watched as much of the final debate as I could...and I spent most of that time playing with snap chat filters-- this one of DT made me laugh so hard.... he's basically duck facing with those shades on-- hahahahahahaha
 Okay, this is SUPER random! I have had multiple (okay, maybe 4) people ask me to do a post on how I curl my hair.  I am totally not great at the selfie world and this would be very much out of my comfort zone, but I am happy to figure out a way to show you-- is this something you would be interested in? If not at all, you can let me know that too.  It might be a huge flop, but if you are interested, let me know!

Alright, that's it! How random am I?!?! Hope you are having a great one!!!