Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Andy's 5th Birthday Party

For a loooong time, Andy has wanted a party at Chuck E Cheese.  We weren't really surprised- he loves that place and wants to go there for every reward ever.

He wanted to invite ALL of his buddies-- and that included every one of his class mates! A surprising number replied yes, so we had a big crowd there to help him celebrate :)

These guys arrived ready to go!

As soon as the tokens were handed out, they were off and ready to play!

Everyone was there to play-- that's why I love this place.  Love watching everyone have fun!
 And here is one way to have fun! I looked around at one point and noticed several parents from our party drinking beer-- it made me happy! It is a party, afterall! hahaha

Andy was in heaven the whole time.  Just so happy!

 His sweet buddy Brady was there! These two are SO cute together. Andy adores Brady!
 Getting some tickets- that's what it's all about!

After some play time, it was pizza time! Andy got "suited up" for the "show."

 Here he comes: the CHUCK!
 Cupcakes and candles....

This would have scared him to death a few years ago.  Now he couldn't stop hugging him. 

 The birthday kid is allowed to go in the ticket blaster, which is like a big wind tunnel with tickets blowing around like crazy.  Andy panicked right before his turn, so he wanted Cal and Brad to go in instead.
 I love Brad's face in the above picture!
 Andy watched them go and then wanted to go-- with me.  So we got in there and he laughed hysterically while the tickets blew around.

We came home and Andy opened presents.  He got this one from his buddy Brady- Brady's mom is extremely talented and made this wooden sign.  When he opened it, I literally gasped.  And then when I realized (duh) that it was actually Andy (she pulled a pic from my blog), I wanted to cry.  Not because of my stupidity, because, again: duh. But because it is the most thoughtful gift! We will have it forever and ever.  Amy makes incredible signs.  You can see some here on her facebook page.  I have soooo many ideas for more to order!
My little Nugget loved every single minute of his birthday party.  I am so glad we were able to give him his "dream" party- haha! I tend to go over board on parties, but I most definitely did not on this one.  I made cupcakes.  That's it. No favors.  Nada.  And he didn't even care!

Happy birthday, Nugggy Fresh Williamson!