Sunday, July 10, 2016

Another round of stitches

We are really getting good at the whole stitches thing....unfortunately. Nug got stitches last month, Cal has had glue multiple times and now he can add stitches to his list too. 

4th of July morning, Cal was out on his scooter and managed to go over the handlebars and somehow bust his face. It was apparently right away that stitches would be needed so we packed up and headed to urgent care- always a joy when at the beach! We got there right when it opened and there was a packed waiting room. 

6 stitches later (4 in forehead and 2 in cheek), and we were out of there!

I'll spare you from the before picture- you don't want to see skull, I'm assuming! 

It didn't dampen our fun though! 
We bandaged him up and set out for the day- just keeping his face covered and dry. 

And we finished the night with a boat ride watching fireworks. A few stitches won't slow this boy down!