Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Life Lately

It's half way through the week! Woohoo!!! Life lately has been all about soccer, it feels.  With Cal practicing on Mondays and Wednesdays and Andy on Tuesdays and Thursdays and games on Saturdays, it feels like a whoooole lotta ball kicking going on around here.

Here are some pictures documenting life lately...

Andy does NOT like the time after he gets out of school until Cal gets home from school.  He gets so bored.  And he doesn't like to play with me.  I would love nothing more than to have a play date every afternoon for him from 1-3:30.  But I am finding not every kid loves big dogs- much less TWO of them! When we do have playdates, I spend all of my time keeping Bruce locked in a room where he is freaking out because it is his JOB to greet everyone that comes in this house...! So.  Andy has become buddies with our neighbor, Dick.  He thinks of him as one of his best buddies.  And bless Dick's heart- if he's outside, and Andy spots him, Andy sprints full speed over to see what he's working on.  They dig, plant, weed, etc etc etc and then Andy will say, "wanna come over and play catch??" And this sweet man does.  Bless him.  

Last week was Andy's week to be child of the week.  On Friday, he asked if he could bring in some special items (kids are allowed to bring in a special toy/item if they would like). Andy brought in two of his trophies and he was so proud to show them off.  

I LOVE his smile in the picture below-- 

And then, when you are child of the week, you can have a special person come in a read to the class.  Many kids have a parent or a nanny or a grandparent come in to read.  Andy asked if Cal could come in-- he said he didn't have to read, but he wanted him to come in on the special day.  Cal said he would love to read.  And he did.

Cue the momma tears... I couldn't help it! He did SUCH a great job! He read with feeling and showed all of this pictures and read loudly enough-- it was nothing short of amazing.  

I mean, for a kindergartner, new at the whole reading thing, to get up in front of a class of 18 kids and read a book....? I was blown away.  My heart sort of wanted to explode. 

Not to mention the fact that Andy even wanted Cal to be there--  that right there got me.  These two fight so much.  SO much.  But holy cow, they love each other so much.  And as proud as I was, I am pretty sure the little brother was even more proud. 

Thankfully, my parents and Eddie were all able to be there for the reading.  And thankfully, Andy's teacher assistant took this picture (and then I took a picture of the picture...!). Love this crew so much!

 And, the professional pictures were released from the fashion show Friday night.  Dear Gracious: who let me up on stage?!?! Honestly.  What am I doing? Clearly I was excited.  Or scared??? Maybe a ghost ran up and startled me? Maybe I was trying to hit some Carrie Underwood high notes?

Either way, here is an article about the event, along with the total amount of money raised....! Thanks for your kind words and emails!

Like I said, life lately has been all about soccer...and yet, I have no pictures or soccer playing- ha! The rest of this week will fly by too, I am sure! It is feeling like summer here with hot temps... I am pumped! Looking forward to pool days and beach trips!