Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Life Lately

We've been busy around here! And I am proud to report, the very last box was emptied and a huge pile of cardboard was taken to recycling on Monday.  DONE unpacking.  We still have some things that need to find homes and I still have some stuff at the old house to bring over, but I am feeling pretty good about my status over at the new house! Not much on walls yet... but that will happen.  Won't it?

Last week, the boys had Vacation Bible School at our church and they loved it! It was so fun to listen to them talk about all they learned (one day Andy told me about praying with your hands clasped together-- heart melting!).

We rode bikes/walked to the neighborhood pool on Monday to cool off for a bit. 

 Love having a pool in the neighborhood we can just ride down to.  We only stay about an hour because we had to ride home to get to swim team practice!

On the way to practice, Cal made a mistake of back talking.  He was asked to get out of the car and to run to swim practice.  Disclaimer: we were only in my mom's neighborhood and it wasn't very far to the pool.  Also: he hasn't talked back (much) since.....

They brought home these frames from VBS and I adooooore their smiles!!!!! I gotta find a spot in the house for these.... I am in love. 

 We had a swim meet on Wednesday and while it wasn't their best meet ever, they did really well and the both got heat winners in back stroke (there is come controversy over Cal's ribbon.... apparently there was a "tie" in his heat-- either way, they were excited and proud!

 Andy has become fond of a few of his coaches-- he watches them swim and pretty much follows them around the deck.  These two have "fights" over which one is Andy's girlfriend.  It is pretty funny and he doesn't seem to mind the attention one bit.  ;)
 After taking the above picture, he asked the coaches if he could get a picture with a bunch of six and unders... they grabbed a bunch and the next pictures happened....
 ...maybe picking your nose in the front/center of a picture isn't a great idea. 
 Flexing is better, I suppose?

 Discussing his swim with another coach...

and then parked on a chair, watching some of his favorites swim.  This kid is alllll about swim team (please note the heat winner ribbon still in his hand....). He really is soaking it all up and love to watch all the heats and all the swimmers.  Such a change from the start of the season. Thankfully.  

We put the lego table in his room in the new house and he loooooves it.  I walked by the other day and found him in the middle of building a creation.  

After swim team one night this week, Cal walked by after pulling his goggles off and he looked just like Alfalfa-- and we love the Little Rascals in our car, so this made us laugh-- well, Cal didn't laugh when he realized why we were laughing...but still. 

Andy wanted a picture of the ribbons he won from the last meet-- he loves to have a variety of colors in his ribbons....

Popup kicked major booty on Monday-- we were sweaty messes and definitely said OH MY QUAD a time or ten.  Love these tanks-- so soft and they stay put while working out. 

One of the boys' swim coaches was swimming in the Olympic trials and they wanted to watch him-- but it was only streaming online... so they curled up in the chair together to watch.  And for the 2 minutes this lasted, it was glorious.  

Okay, so, keeping it real.  This is our front family room.  We have no furniture for this room yet.  We plan on getting some-- hopefully sooner rather than later.... this massive brown recliner is not staying in this room.  It didn't fit in the room with the other brown furniture, so it was parked in this room.  I think it looks hilarious because it is like a throne facing a TV.  I can't get this room put together soon enough.  We need to close on our other house before we go buying furniture, but man on man, I can not wait to have this room NOT looking like this.  And all those cords and electrical stuff on the floor?? DEAR LORD someone help me from taking all of those and putting them into a shredder.  Apparently they are "important" and we need them for something or another or whatever.  They've been there a week.  Time to get up and go.  But, aren't my built ins fun?? Can't wait to decorate them up!

Speaking of the Olympics-- a former student of mine, Maija Roses is out qualifying and she's kicking rump! This was in the 200 Medley Relay and she for first in her heat-- amazing! It will be so fun to follow her and watch her swim! I love watching the Olympics and I am excited to have the boys watch this year too.  They were too young last time to really get it at all.  

This new house wears out the pups too.... sweet boys.  Love them way too much.  

 OH! And finally-- I think it's safe to say...maybe...but Andy has been sleeping through the night consistently here! If I had known a new house was all it would take, I would have done this forever ago! (not really....)