Thursday, December 22, 2016

Spelling Bee

I posted before about Cal's class having a spelling bee- the top three from each class in the first grade went on to the grade level spelling bee, which was held last week!

While Cal was cool as a cucumber, I was a nervous mess.  It was intense! All the kids (19) sit in the front of the AIG room and all of the parents/grandparents sit in rows facing them.  When it is their turn, they have to stand in front of the group and spell their given word.  The rules are crazy- they can't start over the spelling of a word, if they are using different letters....or something like that....

Cal made it through three rounds and my heart was racing each time he stood.  It was awful.  But so so exciting! I was beaming at Cal-- I would NEVER want to stand up in front of people and be asked to spell something! No, thank you!

The word that got him out was BACKDROP.  He misheard the announcer and spelled it "backdrok" (whatever that is....).  He said he wished he had asked her to repeat the word-- but I am okay with him getting out in third round! It was about all I could take!

 Cutest spellers around!

 (Cal really dressed up for the bee....that is a combo of mustard and toothpaste on that sweatshirt....)