Friday, April 21, 2017

Part Two: Beach with Boys

I wrote about the start of spring break with my besties.  They left on Sunday and soon I was in Momma mode again.  Mom and Andy were on their way down and Eddie brought Cal over too. We spent the week playing on the beach and having a really great time!

My parents got a hot tub under the deck and the kids wasted no time getting in...

We played a game of Head's Up and the kids were laughing so hard they were snorting.  It was a little harder than these guys could do-- but they gave great clues ("you put your head on it when you go to sleep at night!") instead of asking yes or no questions-- but nobody cared; it was fun!
 Bruce tried his hardest to turn into a black lab.  He got beyond muddy out there! Talk about being in heaven!

Also in heaven: me snuggling these two on the hammock.  It was wonderful out!

We spent lots of time on the beach and it was awesome! During the week, we had the whole beach to ourselves.  And that's a good thing because Bruce needed to be OFF LEASH.  Bless his sweet heart.  He would not leave the boys in the water-- he circled them nonstop every time they were in the water.  
 The water was CHILLLLY, but that didn't stop these two (or three if you count Bruce).

Happy boys!

Seriously-- he was always right there.   And it was way over his head- he just went in circles.

 He had to do some serious digging after all that swimming. 

I posted this next one on instagram-- every dog in the world should be as loved as this one. Such a good good boy. 
 Cal enjoying the fruits of Bruce's labor. 

This was my view- Bruce would get tired from swimming and come lean on my leg while the boys played.  
 Then as soon as they would go in the water, he was off after them.
 My momma showed up with a bottle of bubbly-- hard to complain about that!!!
 Loaded up and heading home!
 Finishing the day in the hot tub!
 Clearly I under estimated the spring sun..... WHOOPS.  I wore a LOT more sunscreen the rest of the week! #lobstah
 Another fun day at the beach! The boys got the cutest Southern Tide bathing suits-- love the bright colors!
 I always say this-- they fight like cats and dogs, but they play so so great too.  Built in play date!

We took the boys putt putting one morning-- and it was a gorgeous day for it!

 You take a kid to the Masters one time.....

 And then it was back to the beach! At this point in the week, Bruce could barely move, he was so tired.  It was wonderful.  He was still smiling- but looking at me incredulous as the boys went back in the water. 

The fire and rescue team patrolled the beach multiple times a day and the boys had such fun racing their truck.  They were the nicest guys and stopped to talk to the boys-- they turned on the lights and sounded the sirens... it was a big hit!

When I say that Bruce was tired, I mean he seriously couldn't get out of the golf cart.  Or keep his eyes open.  
It was such a wonderful middle of the week of spring break!