Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Book Report!

Here are some more books for you to read....or not. Y'all might hate these posts, but I love them because they help me remember what I have read! You know when a friend says "have you read anything good lately?" and then you can't remember a single thing? Or I can't remember anything recent... well then I go back to these posts and remember!

So, here's what I've been reading lately!

Crazy Rich Asians

This has been one on my list for a while and I never got around to it.  I needed a new audio book so I got this one and I loved it! There are a lot of characters, and at times, I was a little confused... but it was funny and well written and FUN! Rachel is an ABC-- American born Chinese and she is going on a summer vacation with her boyfriend.. they both live in NYC and upon arriving in Singapore, she discovers he is filthy rich... and she meets a whole lot of crazy rich Asians! Loved this one.... kept thinking it would make a GREAT movie!

The Island
Obviously I can't do one of these posts without an Elin book.  Duhhhh.  I REALLY liked this one! It's all about sisters and their dynamics.  As one sister calls of her wedding, she decides to spend the summer with her mother on the island of Tuckernuck.  Her sister comes too and then the aunt joins them as well.  There's no TV, basically no electricity and not a whole lot to do but drink and talk.  And they do that! great beach read!

One Tue Loves

 So as you will see, I have a thing about this author currently... I enjoy the way she writes- and the way she tells a story.  I read three of her books this go 'round and I am honestly not sure if I could pick a favorite.  The story opens with Emma sitting at dinner with her fiance and her parents when her husband calls.  Yup, that's right.  They thought he died in a helicopter crash, but alas, he survived.  Emma has to decide who she is now-- and what life she wants to lead.  Read it, guys.  it was good!

Forever, Interrupted
 wrote about this one here. Oh how I loved this book!

Maybe in Another Life

I also really liked the concept of this one-- she is a clever writer! The main character, Hannah, moves to LA and goes out with her best friend her first night there.  She runs into her former love of her life.  Then the book splits chapter by chapter-- one, if she went home with him what happens, and one, if she didn't go home with him, what happens.  It is interesting to see how the universe threw things at Hannah in each instance.  And I found myself intrigued to figure out which scenario was the better of the two.  Another winner from this author. 

Sweet Tea Tuesdays

This book popped up on my kindle as a "limited on sale" or something like that so I got it.  It is a cute, easy read (maybe a touch sad) about three neighbors who gather for tea every single Tuesday.  Their lives are going on around them and something happens to one of them.  One of the characters has two daughters who are also central characters.  It was a cute book and quick read!

Have y'all read anything lately?? I have a growing list right now....