Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kindergarten Graduation

Despite still having a weeks weeks left of school (Cal can tell you the exact number of days-- I believe it is 13?), the kindergarten graduation ceremony took place on Monday.  My parents both came and I am SO glad they did! The ceremony was so stinking cute.  Cal's teacher is amazing and I am crossing every finger and toe that Andy will get her next year. 

The kids were told to dress nicely.  I told Cal to put on khaki shorts and a golf shirt.  He said he wanted to wear a bow tie.  Then he asked for his "black shirt with the buttons on the sleeves, like he wore to that thing for Gran..." Once I figured out he meant Gran's funeral, where he wore his BLAZER, we were on the same page- haha

He got out of my car looking like this and I about died-- 

This sweet face! Are you kidding me?! He had to take a shower in the morning so his hair was nice and slicked over- hahaha CB always calls this his banker look.  It doesn't stay like this for long, that is for sure.

We got to the school at 1:30 and took our seats- they had completely transformed the classroom and had all the kids' chairs on one side and all the adult chairs set up facing the kids.  There was a little aisle for the kids to "march" in to.  They filed in and as soon as he spotted me, he got this little grin on his face--

 I die. 
 Had to grab a pic of his buddy Jackson too-- sweetest boy.  He had a big cheering section too-- I think Cal and Jackson have some good grandparents!

The whole class came in and stood at their seats-- of course Cal was next to Laynie...! The two of them are always close by each other.  Cal is very (sweetly) protective over Laynie- he always has been. She was painfully shy for a while- and every now and then some shy-ness can creep back in, but it never happens when she's around him.  It makes my momma heart happy to see how kind he is to her...and to see what good friends they have become! I know a friendship between a boy and a girl might not last long (before the nonstop teasing occurs), but for now- it's sweet! 

They sang two songs and for one part of a song, they held hands-- love their serious faces!

 Each child was called up in front of the class where the teacher told everyone their favorite food, favorite color and what they wanted to be when they grew up...
 Cal's answers:
A football player (#shocker)

After it was all done, I had to get pictures with his teachers. 

This is his assistant teacher and we just ADORE her.  We adore both teacher, honestly.  This sweet woman has been so kind to Cal all year. 

His lead teacher-- this is the most talented, most patient woman I have ever met.  I want to nominate her for every teacher of the year award that has ever existed.  I have volunteered multiple times in the class and she blows my mind with her creativity, skills, patience and amazing-ness.  We were truly beyond lucky to have her as a teacher this year!

There was a huge cake for the class and the guests and a little "reception" which was super cute.  The boys got some cake and they looked through their "summer bags" from their teachers.  

These two are too much.....

Me and my sweet graduate! He is ready for first grade!

 After it was over, we got to check out of school early and this was the face as we walked out--
oh! almost forgot-- one of the parents in the class came in and asked each kid what they wanted to be when they grew up then took a picture and made a really cool sign with all the pics-- here is a close up for just Cal:

It was such a sweet service and made me fall in love with our sweet school even more! The countdown to summer is officially ON!