Friday, November 4, 2016

Life lately: Halloween Fun!

The past week has been BUSY! So much Halloween fun happening! We had the grand finale of Halloween with trick-or-treating Monday night.   But the week leading up to that was super fun too!

I refuse to raise men who do not know how to cook/load dishwasher/do laundry, etc etc.... Cal got a lesson the other night on browning some ground beef.  He actually made everything for the taco salad! He did a great job-- and was pretty confident he could make a souffle if needed.  

Love love love looking over and seeing his sweet face as he reads.  He is a GREAT reader and really blows my mind when I hear him.... he does not love to sit still and read though.  We are working on that!

Last Tuesday night was Halloween Night at Fitch Lumber! We are excited to go and support our sweet friends! I typically don't let the boys wear their costumes until Halloween night because they will spill, rip, destroy them and then we are up a creek on the actual night.  This was pretty last minute, so I  told them to go to the dress up closet and pick out something.  Cal grabbed this old OLD dinosaur costume that Andy loves to wear (look at his calf and see how short it is) and we were cracking up all night at him.  

 Andy found Cal's old batman costume and wore it, ripped cape and all. 
 He found some old bat man socks and threw those on as well..... because, well, why not. 

Cal and Brad had fun running around together at Fitch Lumber.

Andy did the donut game and it was hysterical.  

He was covered by the end of it...

My kids are non-jammy wearing kids.  They seriously never wear them.  Cal sleeps in boxers and Andy sleeps in shorts- sometimes, maybe, a t-shirt too.  My mom bought these jammies last year and we thought they were adorable, but I think they were worn one time.  The boys found them in their drawers and both insisted on wearing them-- made my heart melt! How sweet are they??? Makes me want to get a million matching jammies for them.. not that they would wear them.....

The boys got their triangle united sweatshirts and I am loving them! They each got their first initial and last name on theirs.  So official :) 

Last Thursday in the Mouse class we celebrated Halloween.  Of course we broke out the Minnie outfits again! We had a fun and crazy day with our littles!

Cal had a class party on Friday and I managed to offer myself to plan the whole thing.  I spent many a night sitting at this table cutting, hole punching, gluing and planning....

They made some super cute spiders.  I hung Cal's up when he brought it home and I love it. 

Friday at the boys' school, it was dress like a book character day.  We planned it out the night before and I said again that they needed to wear something other than their regular costumes.  Andy woke up that morning and BEGGED to wear his to show his teachers.  He was super excited about it, so I caved.  And he was adorable.  
 Cal went for a UNC basketball player, because y'all KNOW there have been books about them!!!!

 His little nose blinked all the way to school.  Eddie said he dropped him off and he hopped right out and walked in, nose and all-- too funny to me. 

I subbed at the preschool Friday and then hurried over to Cal's class for his class party.  He was pretty pumped to have me there, which made me happy...

Also super pumped: these two!
 While Cal's class party was going, I sprinted to Andy's class party to get a quick glance at him... he was all kinds of happy!
 Friday night we had a Halloween party to go to-- and it was SO much fun! We struggled with what to be....I mean, we went back and forth a million times, I swear.  Finally we decided on Coach Fedora and a football player. 
 Eddie's dad coached at UNC and got this jersey a million years ago and I borrowed Cal's shoulder pads #boymom. 

 Eddie is a double to fedora, I swear. My friend Pippa sent me this:

 Saturday morning we had Andy's last baseball game! He did great and played hard-- he had a couple of plays that even surprised him (hahahaha).  He caught a ball he didn't think he would catch and his face was stunned. 

 I made some monster munch after the game.  Holy yum.  It is so so good.  We passed it out to some neighbors and it got good reviews!
 Sunday, Eddie and Cal went to a retreat for Y Guides.  I am so excited about this program! Basically it is a thing for dads and sons to participate in together-- they do different activities and retreats together.  It's really neat. 
 This is a shot from the end meeting-- the second year father/sons hold up torches for the first year father/sons to walk through.  Very very cool! This was a long, full day for the kiddos (and dads!), but I love hearing about all the cool things they did together. 
Holy cow, talk about a long post! That's a look at life lately up in here.  We are getting out of town this weekend and really REALLY looking forward to it!

I can't believe it is November-- I've already started making Christmas lists....seriously?!?!