Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend!

I checked the boys out of school early on Friday and we hit the road for the beach! We were all super excited to get down there for some fun in the sun-- and oh my, the weather was perfect the whole weekend!

Mega fail in the picture taking department.  Normally I take bunches and bunches of pictures, and I just didn't think to this time-- actually, I did think to, but we were in the water a bunch and I didn't reach for my phone.

We got down on Friday and had some fun and went to see the sunset- Andy got a magic set so he had to test his magic wand as he rode.

Cal "fixed" some bikes.  He's thinking of charging for his services soon.  Watch out.

Saturday, after some early morning snuggles, we went out on the boat and headed to sand dollar island.  LOVE it there.  There are literally 100s of sand dollars everywhere you look.  We met up with some friends and Eddie kite surfed and we all had a blast out there.

On the boat with Nug
 And this was the last picture I took that day. Such a bummer because it was a banner day!

 The next morning, Eddie and the boys went fishing-- thought these two looked pretty darn cute in their fishing shirts. 

 After fishing we had a great beach day! The boys got these suits for Easter and sadly Cal's is already too small....! Seriously.  Good thing I know a little brother we can pass it down to.... then, Ange, I've got some barely worn suits coming your way!

 Every memorial day weekend for the past three years, I have gotten one of Andy and Tommy together-- had to do it again this year!



 I digress.... just thought it was funny they take one together every Memorial Day-- so random.  Wonder if they do for 4th of July too? I dunno.  I will have to look. 

So we had some great Kayak time too, which was so much fun. 

I hate my face in this next one, but I love how Bruce is like "what???" just chilling.  Hank used to love to ride in the kayak with me so I really wanted to give Bruce a turn just to see what he thought.  At first I think he was nervous, but then he relaxed and got comfy.  

We got to celebrate my sweet momma while we were down there too!!! She had a big birthday and is celebrating her birthday in FRANCE and going to the French Open! Lucky lucky!

We spent some time on Sunday out in the marina and in the sound.  These two played so hard.  
 More time on the kayak-- Bruce was loving it the second go 'round.  He sat still and enjoyed the ride!
 Cal also enjoyed the ride.  Cheesy moment here, but kayaking in with Andy on the front of my boat, and Bruce in between us, with Eddie and Cal next to us, it was awesome... my whole crew all together on the water.  Good stuff. 

My mom has these giant donut floats that we really haven't gotten to use very much.  They got some use this weekend!!! We all enjoyed them out in the sound! So nice floating around and relaxing.  

Trish and Tommy have this ultra sturdy paddle board and the boys spent hours on it, paddling and playing.  

One last surf session before packing up the car and heading for home!

Looking forward to many many more trips to the coast this summer!!!