Monday, August 29, 2016


The FIRST day of FIRST grade!

Woohoo! (The school does a staggered start for kindergarten kiddos, so Andy will be going later in the week-- I am not just leaving him out- haha!)

 We were up EARLY-- actually, Cal was up a few times in the night and the last time he got up (4:45), I couldn't go back to sleep-- but he could...! so I started the day then.  I woke Cal up at 6:30 and Andy soon after that. 

 A yummy breakfast to fuel him (although he eats lunch at 10:20! haha!)

Then, obviously, we had to take some pictures!

Bruce had a FIT during this whole process.  Can you see him in every single picture?!

 Hey, buddy-- you look HUGE.  When did this happen? Weren't you just learning how to crawl?
 And he picked out a super cool Under Armor backpack that I kind of want to steal.  I won't.  But I want to. 
 Bruce still wanting to see what's going on-
 We finally had to let him out for a picture-- look how happy he is! All three of them!
 Then they insisted on bringing Hank out too-- all four of my sweet boys! Love them...

 The whole family took Cal to school and it was pure craziness, and this one was super excited to be there!

He walked to his classroom and immediately unpacked and found his seat.  Sweet boy was pumped!
 He got immediately to work...

Andy wasn't too sad to be not at school yet-- especially since he got a trip to Dunkin!

Can't wait to hear all about the first day! I hope it is a fun and wonderful year for our big 1st grader!