Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Life Lately

Happy Hump Day!

Here's a look at life lately...!

Last week, I went to pick up Andy at school and Hank was at the door crying.  He used to go with me all the time to pick up the boys.  I let him ride along and I opened the back hatch so some kids could love on him.  And he was swarmed! He loved all the attention-- he is the sweetest dog, I swear.  After about 10 minutes of this, he passed out-- all the attention just wore him out!

Wednesday night we celebrated Eddie's birthday! Homie loves him some kanki Japanese steak house, so we met my parents there to eat way too much and love on the birthday boy: 
 Andy sat next to my mom.  He was skeptical.  Of course he was.  The chef learned Andy's name quickly and talked to him the entire time.  Andy stared at him like this for most of the show. 

Wait for it.....


 That picture makes me laugh every single time I see it. hahaha He used to sob when we went to this restaurant- it scared him to death. 

On Thursday of last week, Andy went on a field trip to the wildlife center.  I was unable to go because I work T/Th, but thankfully a friend sent me this picture-- he got to hold a bird and he thought it was awesome.  This is also something old Andy would never ever do. 

Thursday night, after tennis for both boys and soccer practice for Andy (!!), we headed to Science Night at Cal's school.  I did NOT want to go.  At all.  I was worn out from teaching and driving from one practice to the next (and trying to squeeze a walk in for the pups too).  But I am so glad we went.  It was really neat and the boys loved it.  Cal was beyond excited to take us around his school and Andy acts like he owns the place, already.  He is ready to be there next year.  And I think Cal is happy to have him there... maybe.  

Over the weekend we went to the Masters, but we always watch Sunday from the couch.  I had Eddie make me this drink: an azalea.  Oh my yum....
 It is vodka, lemonade and a splash of grenadine--  it is so good!

While the Masters was on TV, the boys played every sport possible outside.  I saw them play baseball, football, basketball, catch, golf and tennis-- they didn't stop the whole day. 

This week, Andy is child of the week in his class.  Each kid takes a turn being child of the week, and he has been waiting for this all year.  We were asked to send in pictures on Monday and before my staff meeting after school, I snuck in to take a picture of his bulletin board.  It lists members of his family, his full name, what he wants to be when he grows up (Basketball player), his favorite book (Charlie the Ranch Dog), and his favorite thing to do (go to school and play with friends), along with lots of pictures of him. 

After our faculty meeting Monday, we hurried home to walk the dogs-- and look at worms, apparently.  

We finished our walk and hauled tail to pick up Cal (Monday was crazy!).  We got home and heard the boys discussing their golf game.  It was called "masters"-- haha think they heard enough about that this weekend? They set up a course out in the yard and had a blast hitting, chipping and putting.  

Monday night, Cal had soccer practice.  Andy has become buddies with this little boy, who is teaching him how to play lacrosse- and he LOVES it! I am thinking a lacrosse stick is in Andy's future... possible birthday present...?!?

I mentioned before the fashion show that is this Friday night-- I saw it has SOLD OUT....!!!! OMG, I am so excited/terrified/nervous/happy people are coming! I am most nervous about the boys in it.  I am sure they will be fine.  But I am prepared for a meltdown before walking out there.  Cal started saying he didn't want to do it this week.  Too late to back out now... I am prepared to offer bribery to get through this.  Judge away, people. 

Tuesday was picture day for this one! He rarely wears anything to school besides ratty t-shirts and shorts so it was a nice change to have him in nice clothes with his hair brushed.  Teachers were all commenting that they didn't recognize him dressed nicely- haha

We were SO excited to get to give Janey a ride to school with us! Ms. Sally had an early morning appointment so we got a sweet little friend in our car, and we couldn't have been happier!

Making some power balls after school- he's such a good helper.  Both of them are, really...! Andy licks the spoon and Hank licks the floor.  

Welcome to my life.   Just hanging around.  I honestly don't know how high he would ride it up if I didn't stop him. 

That's a look a life lately! Nothing too exciting, but plenty busy!

Oh, and thank you for the book suggestions from yesterday's post! I am keeping a list on my phone and can't wait to read them all! xoxo