Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Where ya been?!?!

Well, hello there! Feels like it has been FOREVER and a day since my last post-- which was done via phone and therefore, not all that great. 

Soooo... what's been going on with us?? Well, we are swimming a bunch, we celebrated father's day, the boys are currently doing Vacation Bible School at our church.  Oh, and WE MOVED!

Can't even believe it, but we are in the new house and it is better than we could have ever hoped.  The house is great, but the neighborhood is what makes this place so amazing. 

Let me back up.

We closed on Friday the 17th. The movers came on Saturday. I got a babysitter all day on Friday and Saturday and it was the smartest, best decision ever.  EVER.  She took them to the pool the entire day and we were able to pack and load and repeat over and over again. 

We are kind of do-it-yourself-ers when it comes to moving.  We pack our stuff and we pretty much took everything over there, minus the big furniture (beds and couches). 

Eddie had to work Friday morning, so after dropping the kids off, I headed home and met my mom and we got to work.  My dad brought over his trailer and I spent the next hour or so loading every box on it. 
I was sweating- a lot- when I had it all loaded!

We went to the closing and then the house was ours-- yay! We immediately took the first load over to the house with my parents there helping- we loaded my car, Eddie's truck (inside and out), mom's SUV, dad's trailer and dad's truck (inside and out).  I am SURE the neighbors thought we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies rolling into town. 
They would carry boxes into the entryway and then I would grab them and run them to the correct places.  It was a killer workout, to be honest- haha. 

My car was loaded to the brim multiple times throughout the day.  

We worked all day like crazy people.  I just wanted to get as much done as we could.  We ate dinner in the new house Friday night. As we were getting ready to go to the old house to sleep one more time, the neighbors came over to greet us.  Their middle child is a boy the exact same age as Cal (4 days apart!) and he asked Cal if he liked playing soccer-- Cal was all over it and within minutes, they were playing soccer in the back yard.  He woke up Saturday morning begging to go play with his new friend again. 
dinner in the new house!
My kitchen Friday night...what a MESS. 

Saturday morning we were up and ready to go early. I dropped off the boys and then hurried home to meet the movers.  They worked hard and were super nice-- and we were unloaded at the new house by around 2 or 3! It was amazing.  And, thanks to my mom, we had both boys' room completely done and put together by the time they came home from the pool.  Their reaction when they walked in was BEYOND priceless.  It gives me goosebumps thinking about it!

The lighting was weird in Cal's room, so I don't have a picture of his, but that will come later.  But here is what Andy saw when he walked in from the pool Saturday.  

And Saturday night we slept in our new house! We do not have blinds in the master yet (which is really odd, I know.....) and I saw a beautiful sunset right out our window.  It made not having blinds totally worth it! 

Sunday morning it was Father's Day and after a lovely breakfast, we were at it again (nothing says HAPPY FATHER'S DAY like "here, carry this box over here...no here....just put it here...not there, here!"...hehehe).  We went by the old house to grab more stuff (we did all of our closets....) and I handed the boys a ton of stuff to hold on the way home.  They were all cracking up.  I love love love Cal's smile in this picture-- I can practically hear him laughing. 

The dogs handled the move really well too- they love our new screened in porch-- we had one at the old house too, but they never went out there much.  See? Bruce is smiling.  He approves.  

The rest of Sunday, we didn't see the boys much.  In about zero minutes, they met a whole gaggle of boys up the street and we quickly learned that they all run in a pack together all over the neighborhood.  The boys ride their bikes/scooters/roller racers everywhere and you can hear them laughing constantly.  Not to sound cheesy- but when you dream up a neighborhood where you want to raise a family, this is it.  I swear.  My children are in HEAVEN.  
 Cal came in on Sunday around lunch time and said he was hungry-- "starving" even.... I asked him if I could make him a sandwich and he said he didn't have time. He grabbed a handful of goldfish and was out again.  It was amazing. 

I looked out the window at one point and saw Cal go zooming by on an electric scooter.... I was terrified, and thankfully, he appeared to be somewhat nervous too. 
 And then Andy got on it and FLEW by.  At top speed.  And was laughing like a witch at Halloween riding a broom across a full moon.  He loved it.  Like, a lot.  He wanted to do tricks on it.  It was terrifying.  And hilarious.  All at the same time. 

This video makes me laugh so hard-- and, I know it will not be funny when he crashes.  But, in case you don't know what an electric scooter is...here ya go:

So, that's it! That's what has been going on! We are slowly getting settled.  The hardest part in unpacking is finding new homes for everything.  This house has a lot more space than our other house so everything will fit-- just got to find its new space.  I am working HARD to get it all unpacked.  I found this doormat at Target and loved it-- makes me happy!

Hopefully I will get some change of address info out this week...maybe not... really, my goal should just be to put away a few boxes a day.  Right?! Maybe by Christmas (2018), all the boxes will be gone....?