Monday, July 18, 2016

*C H A M P S*

This Saturday was the championship swim meet for the Chapel Hill Summer swim league.  This meet is a big deal.  There are 8 teams (I think), each team has roughly 100 swimmers on it.  The meet is held in Koury natatorium, which is always so neat.

The morning starts EARLY...holy moly.  My alarm went off at 5:40 to get everyone dressed and out of the house by 6 (didn't happen...we didn't leave until after 6...we were like crazy people).

Here are the boys in the parking lot about to go into champs! Not looking too too too tired!

They warmed up and then sat in our spot waiting for the meet to start.  Gotta love these 6 and under boys!

The relays went first and Cal was on the free style relay (each team only gets to send one relay team).  It was...INTENSE.  Like, big time.  I am not sure I have ever screamed so much in my life.  And, lucky for you, I have it all on video....HERE

These four boys ended up pulling off a BIG FAT WIN! I couldn't believe it.  They placed FIRST in their heat and in the entire city! I was screaming and jumping up and down- as evidenced in the video.

Next up was 25 free.  There are a LOT of really strong swimmers in this category so I wasn't sure how everyone would do.

Andy went first...

and I will tell you how he did:

 He won his heat! I could NOT believe it. I think he dropped like 4 seconds or something crazy like that.  Again, I was screaming like a fool.  Here is his video...

We got a picture of Charlie and Andy with their ribbons-- happy boys!
 I will spare you Cal's video of his free. He did really well-- and ended up placing 4th overall in all of the 6 and under boys...!

Here are two of my favorite 6 and under boys...

Cal and Andy both swam great in backstroke and Cal got to swim breast stroke too.

It was a crazy morning, and it was all over by 11!
This meet can be totally overwhelming- especially for 6 and unders.  I knew Cal would be fine since he has done this before (link to last year's post below), but I was really unsure about Andy.  There's just no telling what you will get with him... but he woke up excited and READY TO GO!

Our team placed third over all and that is fantastic for us! We are a small team, but boy, are we mighty! I can't believe another swim season has come to an end... However, Cal has informed us he wants to swim year round now. I don't know if I have it in me.  Have you SEEN (listened to...!) the video above?!?! I am out of control. 

I love these sweet Sharks and can't wait to cheer them on in future meets!

Read last year's champs post HERE.