Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas! The kids are at the best ages for this holiday-- although I think I might say that every year.  They just soak up the magic!

The boys did the church pageant again-- it's a short service, run pretty much all by the kids-- and I love it.

Walking into church looking handsome!

 Love love love my sweet boys!

This year, Cal was a star with his buddy, Brad.  
 Andy was a donkey again-- love them all dressed up! haha

 There are a LOT of kids in this show-- soooo many! It was hard to see our kiddos, but we finally got a good shot. 

After church, we headed over to my mom's house for some Christmas cheer.  It was super fun, as always! Love my sweet sisters:

And my mom is truly the hostess with the most! She is the best-- so lucky to have her.  

My world! Love these crazy, wild boys with all my heart.  

The Williamson women!

And believe it or not, Santa came again this year! All the kiddos sat down while he walked in and then he handed out gifts.  
 Andy was thrilled to sit on his lap.  He said he really wanted a surf board and roller blades. 
 Cal was also quick to climb up there.  He said he wanted a surf board. 

 All the cousins with Santa! (shoot, I got the wrong pic to post on here-- I have one with Andy's eyes open.....whoops)

Then the fun began..... 

 FIREBALL SHOTS.  Because nothing says Happy Birthday, Jesus like shooting fireball. 

Andy has been ALL about Tommy lately.  Like, can't get enough of him.  Love this picture of them!

We got word that Santa was getting close and we needed to hurry up and get our crew to sleep! The kiddos went to bed and the elves got to work.  
 One elf was a little "worn out"......hmmmmmmm

It was a Christmas Eve filled with fun and memories!!!