Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Update

Welcome, Spring! Sunday was the first day of summer, but I FROZE my hind end off at flag football.... holy smokes it was cold out there! Didn't seem to slow down any kids though...

We decided to head to the beach for the weekend.  We hadn't been in a while and we were all craving it.  Clearly we love it down there-- it's good for the soul.

Eddie and Andy and Hank left Friday morning. I did popup and then had a hair appointment...I ran home and packed the car and got Bruce and went to check Cal out early from school.  We got a little snack and hit the road by 2:15.  I am listening to a new book and so far, I think I like it... I am not sure yet.  I'll report back on that later. 

We arrived right around 5:00 and this was our view:

 Tell me that wouldn't make you happy too...ahhhhh..... I swear to you, I drive over the bridge and take a huge breath- every single time I go over it- and I feel myself relax. 

You know who else loves it there? Hankers:

He was running around like a puppy the whole weekend.  It makes my heart happy to see him so youthful and happy with some pep in his step.

The boys were reunited and they were SO excited to see each other- ha! Maybe we need to keep them apart more often! They played hard in the driveway until it was dinner time.  
 Bruce wasted NO time getting filthy.  He rolled in dirt and ran around like crazy for most of the weekend. But he was happy!

Over in the corner of my mom's kitchen at the beach, she said she always envisioned her grandkids sitting there and reading books while she cooked.  I looked over Saturday morning to see Nug curled up with a book-- I know this made my mom sure did make me smile!

Eddie took these three over to the beach via the golf cart for a little running around time.  One of these clowns went in the ocean....

Three houses down from my parents house is this house:

Which Eddie's parents are buying!!!!!! EEEEEEK! We are all SO excited to have them so close to us and another house we can visit down there.  
We hadn't seen the house yet, so we went over to walk through it and we love it! So fun! The cheese ball in me can't wait to make memories with the boys there and at my parents house.  I have visions of the kids running back and forth between the houses and "sleepovers" and just!

The day was supposed to be a total wash out and when the rain started, we headed out to run a few errands.  We got out and hit a store or two and all of a sudden, the sun was breaking through and the rain was gone!

Eddie took Andy for a boat ride and when they came back, I seriously thought Bruce would get his head stuck in the porch watching them:

We spent the next HOURS out in the yard playing.  Their is a basketball court just down the street from our house and the boys wanted to shoot hoops so they drove their trucks over there with basketballs in the trunk:

They backed into some parking spots and shot hoops-- I could hear them from our house, laughing and talking a mile a minute to each other.  And then driving next to each other made me realize how close they will be driving REAL cars.... dear gracious.  

 The sun was shining and we were all outside soaking it up-- Bruce spent the majority of the day in the water and in the mud.  And repeat.  He was so happy...and so dirty!

Mom and I decided we better break out the bubbles...the day called for it! Love her and love spending time with her... and love bubbles too...

 We got out the paddles for paddle ball and mom and I were playing with a tennis ball while the dogs jumped up in the middle of us and the boys were our ball boys, running after every ball that went awry.  This went on for a while and I swear, the dogs were just going to collapse, they were running so hard!
Finally, the boys decided they wanted to play with us, so there went our game- haha.  Cal wanted to play doubles with me... I will go ahead and say he's my favorite doubles partner. 

We decided to take our boys and our bubbles for a golf cart ride! It was a beautiful night-- and the setting sun made it a little chillier....

 We did a loop around the hood-- Henry wanted in the selfie action too. 

We came home and ate and got the kids in bed- they were SPENT.  And, frankly, I had a big day with them and I was ready for them to go to bed too.... just sayin.....
They shared a bed on this trip and when I went to check on them, this is how they were: 
 Andy has one leg off his bed and Cal is alllll over the place.  Andy ended up falling out of bed around 11.  Of course he did. 

Sunday morning we woke up and it was chilly out! A cold front blew in and it was COLD! I made some monkey bread....

 and we packed up cars and headed home.  I took both boys with me and they were really good in the car for the most part.  I tuned them out to listen to my book (I am obsessed with audio books for car trips...!) and we made it home in record time. 

As we were pulling into town, I remembered flag football! We went in the house and carried everything in and then the boys changed clothes and we headed right back out to football! It was the last game of the season so there was an awards "ceremony" afterwards.  It was C-O-L-D out there and my feet didn't thaw out until late Sunday night... It was 43, but it was a damp 43... not to mention it was 85 last week...!

Here are the BULLDOGS!

They each got a trophy and if they hadn't received a sportsmanship trophy throughout the season (C and A had not), they got their medal too-- and they were pumped!

We have loved loved loved flag football and we can't wait to play again! It was such a positive experience for these two crazies.  I am glad they loved it!
One more week until vacation-- and I can't wait! I am starting to make packing lists... it seems never ending! Oh, and I still have to lose 10 pounds for the trip... riiiiiight.......