Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Another (great!) weekend at the beach

Are y'all sick of my weekend update posts that are all about the beach? Sorry...but I am not sorry! We are fully soaking up our time there this summer and truly enjoying it.  Truth be told, I wasn't excited about going down this past weekend.  It is a LOT of work on me-- I pack the kids, I load the car, I drive the kids and at least one dog, I unload the car, etc etc etc.... It is sometimes work-- how obnoxious am I right now? I know, I know. 

This was our last weekend we will be able to go down there for a while and we all wanted to go so we loaded up after camp on Friday and headed down. 

Of course, we had to make a pit stop.  Thank God for little boys... I pulled to the top of the exit and told them to hop out and aim.  

We got there and unloaded and then loaded back up the car and crossed the bridge to go meet friends in Beaufort!

Andy and Bennett shared a Shirley Temple-- those are some sweet boys right there!

Saturday morning, these two were off bright and early to go exploring.  Eddie took Andy to one of his favorite piers- Andy saw some guys fishing and thought it was the most amazing thing ever.  
 Meanwhile, back at the house, Cal was working on his birthday list.  His birthday isn't until September, but with out of town family wanting to book flights, we have to get on the planning train a little early.  Plus, I am a freak.  But whatev.  Cal wanted to make a list of his buddies to invite- and I love his little shirtless, boxer-wearing body sitting at the table. 
 We got ready to head out for the day and I took this picture to send to my girlfriends.  I was sending love to Fitch Lumber on this day :) (love you, mf!) (hello, monster sized nose)

We headed over to the beach and took Bruce with us.  He had SO SO SO much fun.  He loves the water.  And not just running out into it and fetching a ball.  No.  He likes to go alllll the way out where the boys are and just swim circles around them.  I swear it's like he's keeping watch over them.  And then he rides the waves in and does it all over again.  (we heard horror stories of older dogs getting way over heated at the beach and it not ending well for them so I was too scared to take Hank over... not that he would over heat, I wouldn't think...but I wasn't risking it!)

Wait for it....
 Wait for it.....
 There it is!

Soon, we were breaking out the surf boards.  I took a trillion pictures and a billion videos.  Love watching them do this.  Makes me happy!

Cal went first, while Andy boogey boarded.  

I couldn't get my camera to take fast enough-- but here Cal was standing up...
 and he got all the way up (you can tell by Ed's celebratory arms up), but then he fell off-- and I didn't get a picture of the standing up part.  #itried

Then it was Nug's turn and he got up on the first try. I kept thinking he would freak out when he fell down, but he would pop right now, flip his hair and a HUGE smile would be on his face-- ready to go again!

After a while, we packed it up and headed out to the sound on the boat for a bit.  Cal got on Tricia's paddle board with her and they paddled around for a bit.  

And we did some tubing when the storm passed.  
 I had three dogs visiting me-- don't they look like they are smiling?

Sunday brought more playing on the tube...
 and beach time (love that the boys are *almost* getting big enough to start carrying the bigger stuff. 
 You guessed it-- more surfing! These boys are obsessed.  It was wayyyyy rough on Sunday so we weren't able to surf for long.  A few hours at the beach and then we headed over to the pool. 

Pool time pyramids for the win! All three boys-- hahahaha

 Y'all they were laughing so stinking hard during this attempt- can't believe I was able to get a picture. 
It was another wonderful weekend at the coast and we made lots of fun memories-- can't believe this summer is starting to wind down.  It has just flown by! I have entered the dates for back to school events and that makes it feel even more real.  Can I really have an almost 1st grader and an almost kindergartner?!?!

Gotta soak it all up, y'all!!!