Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fun Run!

The boys' school does one major fundraiser each year and I love that they do a healthy one! Instead of selling candy or wrapping paper, they have the kids run laps around a (small) track.  They have people make flat donations ("Here's $5!") or they pledge an amount per lap ("I'll give $2 for each lap").  Both boys ran the maximum amount of laps (35) and they were sooo proud.  We are very thankful and appreciative to our great friends and family who supported these two!

Last Friday, the 30th, was the actual fun run.  The kids were so excited to have me and Eddie AND both of my parents show up to cheer them on!

They woke up excited and Andy insisted on wearing his fast Superman socks.  

Cal wanted to wear fast socks too, but ended up pushing them down by the time he got to school.  He does not enjoy the high socks quite like Andy does.  
 My two little runners!

Cal led some stretches before heading to school- ha!

I got to school as the classes were walking outside.  I took this pic of Cal and one of his buddies-- I thought it was a great picture and then I looked at it.  I showed the mom and she goes, "that is the most typical picture-- we call him Chandler Bing in every single picture!" I was DYING laughing.  Y'all remember that episode??? This is such a cute kid-- he just can't take a good pic, apparently! hahaa

Andy was SO excited.  Not just a little excited.  SO SO excited! He was giddy.  I think he heard all about it last year from Cal and couldn't wait to do it too.  
 And they are off! There goes Andy running and running!

 Thank goodness Cal wore bright green shorts-- I would not have been able to find him otherwise!
 Please notice all the kids walking-- not a Williamson.  Those boys were hauling.

All smiles (and sweat) when he was done!

 Both boys completed over 35 laps! Holla!

Such a fun morning for these two!!!