Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Snowmass: Part Two

I was hoping to wrap it up in this post, but I am afraid I will have to do a third post. So many pictures!

 So when we left off yesterday, the kids had done snowboard school, I hadn't killed myself getting down a hill, and Andy made a snowball in his pants. 

The next day was Monday and Eddie and I had a few meetings Monday morning.  I took the boys to ski school drop off and then went to meet Eddie. 

 They were so confident walking up for their second day- I was worried they might have been discouraged from falling so much the previous day, but they couldn't be more excited to get with Allen and "Moose"!

But before drop off..... we had to have a little UNO in bed. 

 Drop off with Allen, Moose, CJ and AntMan (I asked Allen if Andy was getting frustrated with falling, since he told me at tuck in it was harder than he thought.... Allen replied "I have no idea who Andy is.... I only know Moose, CJ and AntMan" hahahahahahha)

So, we had four days of lift tickets and didn't want to waste a day when we had meetings all morning, so we planning on not skiing on Monday.  Well, Ed got the itch to try snow boarding.  So he got a half day lift ticket and got himself a snowboard.  He was anxious to try, but decided to have a beer with me first.  Thus began a day full of drinking for me.........

I sat on the patio of our hotel, right by the ski valet and watched skiers go by.  There goes Eddie on the lift over my head!
 While he worked his way down, I went ahead and had some champagne. 
 And..... more champagne.....
 It was the most lovely day out there-- not too cold at all! I even took my jacket off for a bit, it was that warm. 

Before we knew it, it was time to pick up the boys.  Andy was hot and stripped down his jacket- and I swear, I am not sure there is anything cuter than long underwear and snow bibs. 

 We picked them up at the bottom of the mountain and they were eager to show us all they learned that day. 
 And they were super excited once they saw daddy had a snowboard too!

We headed back to the hill by our hotel, and I resumed my position on the patio.  My boys, all riding on up!

 That evening, we had a dinner up on the middle of the mountain, where I said earlier was my favorite place from the trip.  We rode the gondola up there and my sweeties each sat next to me.  Sweet boys. 

They had strider bikes, with skies on them, for the kids to ride  down the bunny slope...! It was too funny to watch! They FLEW down the hill!

 Up the hill a ways, there was a tubing park, which was so much fun-- I didn't go tubing because I was nervous of hurting my back (which didn't hurt at all while skiing, thankfully! It hurt while traveling, but whatever). 
 Looking back at the mountain-- how gorgeous is this view?!
 Andy could have stayed tubing all night long. 

The next morning we woke up and we got SNOW over night!
 The boys were quick to want to write in their journals about the night before and the snow we woke up to. 
 Day three in ski school for the boys, and another day on the slopes for us!

 I discovered this little trail on the way down this huge mountain and I was in love with it! It was so quiet and peaceful-- and private!

We stopped around lunch time for a little break (it really looks like we did nothing but drink....and really, I did drink a lot....)
 and then all of a sudden, it started dumping snow- hahahaha didn't seem to stop me though. 
 That afternoon we hit the slopes again until it was time to pick up the kids.  Eddie would go do the big big runs while I did the medium ones and stuck to my private little trails. 

We were super excited to have the kids ride with us after this day of ski school.  The amount they improved was UNREAL.  
Cal was liking it; Andy was LOVING it.  Watching Andy zoom down the mountain was exciting, hilarious and terrifying all at once. 

That night, we went to a Japanese restaurant in the village.  The waiter sold both boys on Japanese soda-- and they loved it! There is a marble in the jar, which they thought was amazing.
 Another morning, another ski school drop off! They were anxious to go once again-- they really loved it, which was so cool. 

Eddie tried to board again (at our rental, you could switch back and forth as often as you wanted to).  And he was really getting the hang of it-- although he joked that the boys were better at it than he was....
 Riding the gondola up!

We were skiing down and happened to look up and see the boys' group riding up the hill.  Their instructor, Allen, could only do two days with them because he had a previously scheduled private lesson for the following five days.... come to find out, it was with LeBron James's son! ha!

So the boys got a new teacher, Felipe, who was also loads of fun.  

It was the most gorgeous day ever this day! The bluest skies and warm sunshine.   And champagne. 

He knows the way to my heart.  
 After our drink break, Eddie headed to the top of the mountain to ski some hard runs.  We decided to meet at the bottom of the hill in a bit.  As I as taking off, I saw the boys starting up too-- there's Nug on his way....

I heard the teacher tell them which way they were going and it was the way I normally go-- I didn't want them to think I was following them to watch the lesson (!!) so I decided to go down a different way.  A really really really big hill.  Thanks to some liquid courage, I thought I could make it down this hill:
 And, I actually did! It was NOT pretty.  At all.  But I didn't fall and I made it down! SO there!

 I sent the above picture to Eddie telling him which run I just survived.  Pretty sure he was shocked too. 

The new teacher sent us pictures too (they are so smart!)- and I love them:

 well....maybe I don't love these....

At the end of the day, we hit up the pool again-- Andy took a running dive in.  

 That night we went up to the top of this cute area and ate at a great BBQ place.  it was super casual and barlike, but my family loved it! We had a foozeball game that Cal and I won.
 After waking up in the middle of the night to the boys fighting on the pull out couch, we put Andy on the floor in his own little bed.  It worked wonders-
Okay, more coming tomorrow!!!