Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Book Report!

A short and sweet Book Report!

I didn't read as much as I would like this month...I am blaming it on being a short month- ha!

First up:

The Hating Game

This was a cute story-- totally predictable, but fun still.  A perfect beach read, if you need something for spring break beach reading.  These two each worked for separate companies and then the companies merged so they had to start working together and they can't really stand each other.  They have a series of games they play to pass the time.  It was an easy read, and one I enjoyed!

Cancel the Wedding
I loved this one!!! Lots of plot twists and story turns.  I listened to this one and I loved the reader's voices they used.  A fun read, with depth to it! Great great book!

The list on my phone has a few new ones added to it-- I am actually going to the library after school today and will check out a new one.  Any suggestions? I am thinking Lilac Girls. Have you read it??