Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Update: party on, Cal.

We had a really fun weekend! As you can tell my this sideways picture....! I don't have it in my to fix it.  And I actually like the pic.  Oh well.

Friday night we went to see Mama Mia with my parents! I love that play and have been dying to take Eddie to see it too.  We went to dinner before hand and then to the DPAC. 

Hang on.  That's going to drive me crazy...

 There she is!! Phew. #iamsogoodatblogging

We got very scolded after the next picture.  No picture taking allowed, including selfies.... ahahaha
 While we had our fun night out, Andy had a big time with a babysitter (he had a MASSIVE meltdown when we left-- like, it was ugly!) and Cal was down the street having a Cinco de Mayo sleepover:

 Well these cuties decided to pull an all nighter.  They have said they were going to do it before, but never did.... well this time it actually happened.  My friend thought they were all asleep when she went to bed.  Then at 4 she heard them chatting so she ran down there and told them all to go to sleep...then at 6 she heard footsteps and it was Cal.... the others fell asleep- not Cal!

He came home and we had a soccer game-- he looked worn out out there, but played hard.  There was a penalty kick on him and he caught it, which was kind of miraculous considering the fact that I don't think he knew where he was. 

After Cal's game, we went to Andy's soccer game! He had a sweet goal and was pumped my parents got to see it. 
 Cal ran around really hard during Andy's game and at the end (close to 1:00), he looked exhausted. 

He leaned on Eddie's arm and said he was pretty worn out.  We got in the car and before we got out of the neighborhood where soccer is, I turned around to see this:

 Y'all this NEVER happens.  I mean never.  It is impossible to get him to fall asleep in the car! He fights it and fights it.  But there was no fighting it on Saturday.  He was out cold. 
 We picked up lunch and came home where Eddie removed his cleats, shin guards and socks... the kid never batted an eye. 
 He got on the couch and continued sleeping-- even with us making noises... he slept right on through. 
Eddie actually really panicked because Cal got up to pee (in the kitchen #fratstar) and Cal didn't know who Eddie was.  Eddie kept trying to talk to him and Cal wouldn't answer.  Eddie even put him in the shower.... never woke up.  
I promised Eddie that Cal is just a super heavy sleeper and he was super exhausted....and then I prayed that he didn't get a concussion while playing soccer.  He didn't.  Don't worry. 

That afternoon we had a Derby party!  Thankfully we had a great babysitter who checked on Cal every hour to make sure he was okay.... and we were off!

 It was such a fun night!!! Loved seeing all the beautiful hats (I passed on the hat....)

 My sweet Momma was there- had to get a picture with her! How fun is her hat?!

 My friend Pippa used to ride competitively and all of her ribbons were used as decorations throughout the party! Pretty cool!!! We donned a few for a picture.  obvs.

We were home by 9 (we are so old) and checked on the sleeper.  Still out.  Yes, that's correct.  
 Two things to note here:
1. my mom kept saying "just imagine how hungry he will be!!!"
2. andy kept saying "is he even breathing?!?!"

Excellent points made by both.

Sunday morning, Andy woke up at 6:30 and HAD to talk to Bruce right away.  No clue what he had to say, but it was very very important. 

Cal walked into our room at 7:20.  Yes, that's right.  He slept from 1 in the afternoon until 7 the following morning..... what the what.  He scratched his head and said "why didn't we have a babysitter last night?" ummmmmmmm

 Andy continued having a lot to say to Bruce.  Thank goodness he's a good listener. 

 Sunday morning we went to church.  Our great family friends have three boys and the middle boy was being confirmed in church.  My boys idolize their boys and I am so thankful they have such wonderful role models to look up to!
 Sporting ties for the the service:

Bruce had on a bow tie, but you can't see it with all that furrrrrr...
 I mean: how freaking cute are they? All three of them!

Sitting in the pew with their youngest son. Sweetness!

After church I had to grab a few more pictures.  duh  

Some handsomeness right there! We just adore these boys! Don't they all look related? 

After church, I high-tailed it to do a popup party for a VERY special nine year old!!! I had the best time with her and her buddies!

 After the party, I drove across town to catch the second half of Cal's football game where he ran the full length of the field for a touchdown and then soon after got an interception! It was awesome! He was clearly well rested....! ha!

So that was the weekend!

I have big plans to blog this week . So much to say.  Just don't know when! I was going to do a bunch today but the internet kept going out.  grrrrr....

Hope you had a great weekend!