Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thanksgiving at the beach

We had a wonderful time at the beach for Thanksgiving! We were at the beach with my parents, Eddie's parents, Carrie Beth, my uncle Pat and his girlfriend too!

We headed down Tuesday after school and soaked up every minute of every day-- it was lovely!

The sunset driving down there was incredible-- it looked like orange sherbet! 

My sweet Uncle Pat came and I had the best time with him-- he's crazy funny.  Pretty sure I laughed to the point of tears many many times!
 He challenged the boys to arm wrestling competitions.... cracked them up too!
 Bruce was into making spirits bright....
 This was the sunset one night-- no filter.... can you believe it?? So gorgeous.

 We did a lot of lazyness, but we also did a lot of playing hard.  Andy came up one morning and decided to relax on the stone fireplace hearth with his iPad-- since there aren't a plethora of couches all around...??
 Thanksgiving morning, we had a big game of baseball-- planned by the boys, of course! Cal and Andy were team captains and they selected their teams... mom provided a drink cart! ha!
 Here's the crew, ready to play ball!

CB and I crushed a puzzle....twice.  I was obsessed with this puzzle!

Eddie and the boys went fishing and it was a little chilly out on the water- Andy was prepared!
 And they caught a bunch of fish!!

We took in more sunsets and drank more wine-- I probably should cut myself off from wine for a month or two.  #whoamikidding?

 Then on the way home, the boys (and Rudolf) watched a movie that clearly this one found comical!
 It was a great Thanksgiving, for sure! Love spending time with family.  We ate great food and drank (did I mention we drank?!) and just had loads of fun! Love it down there!