Thursday, November 10, 2016

A weekend at the beach

With all the chaos going on, we took a MUCH needed trip to the coast this past weekend.  And it was wonderful.  It was actually beyond wonderful! I love fall at the beach.  The sun shines super bright and the sky is a crazy shade of blue.  The air is cool, but it feels amazing to be outside.  Plus, there is something about the salty air- no matter what time of year- that is good for the soul, I swear!

The boys and I packed up and headed down Friday afternoon. 

 The boys were actually really good in the car-- we've come a LONG way!!! We got to Richlands and the boys had to pee...and I decided to reward good behavior with some ice cream treats from McDonalds #classy. 
Andy got a regular ice cream cone....
 Cal got his dipped in chocolate.  I would like to point out that this was not a great idea.  He is the world's messiest eater.  This white shirt (which was already filthy) got disgusting pretty much immediately.  But everyone was happy, so we rolled with it!
 The gorgeous views as we went over the bridge--- ahhhhhh-- I say this all the time, but I swear, I can feel my stress level decreasing as I cross over. 

We got there and unloaded and Eddie wasn't back yet, so the boys and I took the dogs on a walk.  We cruised over to look at the sound-- just gorgeous!

 Even Hank is happier when we cross the bridge!!!

So, right before this next picture, Cal wiped out on his bike-- like big time.  I had both dogs going crazy, pulling me in different directions and I turned around as he fell and really and truly, I thought his leg was broken.  The way he was laying under his bike with his leg all bent at a funny angle, and the scream he let out-- my stomach flipped and I immediately started thinking of what to do with the dogs so that I could carry him home.  Yeah, he popped right up and wiggled out his leg and goes "well that was awkward." and was fine.  Y'all.  These boys...........

 Hank started smiling in the car on the way there, and pretty much smiled the entire weekend.  How happy is he?! I love him so much... he just makes me happy. 

 Bruce was happy too and wanted a picture with the boys-- they agreed.  Pretty cute bunch if you ask me!!!

 We headed back to the house to clean up and eat dinner-- I was downstairs working and felt like someone was watching me.....

Saturday morning, Andy wanted to work on some legos-- we had the laziest morning and it was glorious! Everyone did what they wanted to do! I loved it.  

We headed over the beach for a few hours and it was beyond beautiful out there.  The sky was such a bright blue and the water was crystal--- clearly I can go on and on about it.  
 Once again Hank was in his element!
 Both boys were also extremely happy out there-- the water was cool, but not too bad at all.  We all waded in it while playing. 

We stayed on the beach for a few hours and then went over to play at my parents house for a bit.  

 We watched the UNC game and then built a fire outside and played some football. 
 Sunday morning, we were once again lazy.  And once again it was great.  Hank found a sun spot and Cal cozied up with him. 
 Then Andy wanted in on the action. 
 I took the dogs and kids on a long walk/bike ride.  I love this street this time of year-- totally empty and beautiful. 

We went out in the boat Sunday morning-- hard to believe this was the view: breath taking! 

 We went fishing at a sweet little spot and didn't catch a thing, but listened to some great music and soaked in some warm sunshine!

and then my phone died......grrrrrr..... ever since I did the update on my phone, it dies constantly.  I was at 38% battery life and it just turned off.  It is beyond annoying.  So I was phone free the rest of the day.... we went to lunch in Beaufort then came home and cleaned the dogs and the house and loaded the cars to head home.

Hank was beyond exhausted.  He got to sit on the seat next to Andy.... although that didn't last long- he likes to be on the floor just behind me.  

 We were home and boys were asleep quickly-- I showered and had a little pup who needed a little attention.  He also fell asleep this position! Isn't he intimidating?!

We had SUCH a great weekend down there.  It is never ever just us there-- there's always other family members down, which we love! But this was really nice to go and just focus on us four.  We all needed it!