Tuesday, September 6, 2016


CalBoy had his first day of school last week, and Andy was READY to go when it was his turn! The do a staggered start, which was different this year than last.  They break the grade into groups and then those groups are assigned a certain day to go: Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Once they go, they float around to all the kindergarten teachers and are "assessed" and then they are placed into their classes.  This process is to make sure the classes are well balanced, etc. 

Andy's assessment day was Wednesday so we treated that like the first day of school.

This kid had ZERO nerves and was pumped to go! (please excuse the date mishap on the sign.  Clearly momma was tired.)

He was not feeling the pictures at first--

  This picture makes me laugh SO hard-- I mean, how funny if this was the first day of school picture I posted of him- hahahaha I am sure there are plenty of kids who feel like this their first day of school.  Thankfully, he wasn't feeling upset at all-- just annoyed by me!

 Eddie came with us for the "first day" of school--
 The three of us- pretty sure Cal was long gone by this point.  No time for this. 
He walked into his assigned class and wasn't even slightly hesitant. He was smiling and happy-- seriously couldn't ask for a better drop off.  I almost got a little emotional though! No tears were shed, but it was a little sad to think about my baby starting kindergarten.  I just feel like I will blink and he will be gone to college. 

He had a GREAT assessment day and had a lot of fun. Cal's assistant teacher from last year sent me this picture from recess-- love love love her!

Thursday night we had meet the teacher at the school for all kindergarten kiddos.  We got a call earlier in the day that we got Cal's same teacher from last year so we were super excited.  I have a cute picture from meet the teacher, but the thing will not load.  Oh well.

Friday, Andy went to school to his real class with his real teachers and real classmates...

 We took some pictures before school and I was going to get some walking him in, but we were late and well, there just wasn't time!
He got in the car after school and goes "kindergarten was amazing!" and then a few minutes later he was looking out the window and he says "today was just a really great day."


And now we fall into the routine of school... we start so much earlier this year.  It's been an adjustment so far!