Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend update!- late!

I promise you I am doing the best I can! Some people maintain a very detailed blog while going through things like moving.  I, clearly, can not- ha!

But we had a big weekend around here, so here's a look at it!

Friday night, Cal had a tennis match.  This is the first one he has been able to play in this season, and he was excited! Unfortunately, I don't think tennis is really Cal's sport- hhahahaha but he sure did look cute out there trying!

He had fun playing out there-- his buddy Brad did AMAZING and won his match.  He played so well and it was fun to watch him.  
 We stayed and ate up there while the kids played.  It was a beautiful night and everyone enjoyed it! I wore this fun new necklace-- add it to my obsession!

So, the sleep situation has been ROUGH around here.  Everyone waking me up several times a night. It just gets old.  I get tired.  And probably super cranky-- who me?? So Eddie made a deal with the boys they could all sleep on the floor together.  So they did00 
 These three slept HARD.  And you know who slept even harder?  MOMMA! I slept diagonally, all kinds of sprawled out.  I heard Andy wake up at 2 and I didn't even have to move.  I fully encourage this sleep over magic to happen very often. 

Saturday morning Andy woke up and found this birthday crown and started singing happy birthday to himself.  On repeat.  He's ready to celebrate!
 He had a soccer game-- and he had lots of fans cheering him on.  CB came down for the birthday party and Tricia and Tommy came to the game too.

We spent the rest of Saturday working like crazy on the house.  We also played a killer game of flag football in the street and the boys had several triathlons- it was a big day!

Saturday night, Eddie and I went as guests to a party and it was so much fun! We rode to the party and cranked up my favorite playlist and sang at the top of our lungs on the way there.  A great way to start a night!

 (did I mention Eddie shaved his beard?? I kinda miss it....but he's still cute)

I had a little cocktail and had to send a picture to Pippa-- yayyyyyyyyy
 I had so much fun with my sweet friends-- these people keep me sane and make me laugh! Love them all beyond words.

My brother was there so we sent a picture to our parents-- it makes them so happy- haha

 One more with my people:

Sunday was Andy's party day and he woke up READY TO GO! He was beyond excited.  He woke up and opened this shirt from CB.  Perfect for our veggie loving kid.  He didn't get it, but said the shirt was really soft and didn't want to take it off- whatever floats your boat, kid!
 The party wasn't until 4 and we had a bunch to do before then.  Eddie needed to clean off the roof.  He got up there and then wasn't sure he would be able to get down.  We were all cracking up-- and praying he didn't break his neck.

CB and Cal went for a jog...

 And Cal had his final soccer game of the season!

Proud of my buddy for playing hard out there! He squeezed my glasses right off of my face.

And before we knew it, it was time for a PARTY! I will do another post on the big celebration...
 But, suffice it to say, the kid got some great gifts! Everyone was joking at the party that it is funny that I have been working like crazy to clean out my house and here we are bringing home a million new things to try to find places for-
It was a great weekend and we had loads of fun! I always love it when we get to spend time with friends and family.  CB has never missed one birthday party-- how amazing is that?!? That would be 11 birthday parties she has been to.  AH-MAZING! That's one dedicated aunt!