Monday, February 6, 2017


Last Tuesday, Eddie called me and said he was offered four tickets to the Carolina game that night, and did we want to go with the kids? I sure did want to go! 

We were planning on ubering to the Dean Dome at 6:15, but then got a call to be ready to be picked up at 4:30! We were racing around-- we ended up going to an event at the Carolina Inn before hand that had a speaker and dinner and everything-- it wasn't what we exactly what we were expecting and we had the only kids there...hahhaha)  It ended up being really cool though, and the head coach for UNC women's soccer spoke about talent and coachability.  The timing of this speech was pretty perfect.  I loved it.   This is a picture of the boys just before the speech:

 Super coachable. 

Then we hopped on a bus and rode over to the Smith Center! Sweet Charlie is sooooo great to Andy.  They have the best time together. 
 Cal and Henry rode in the front row and compared notes in their programs- hahaha
 Super cool.

We were the crazy ladies with the CRAZY boys!

 We walked in and headed to our seats-- which were on the other side from where the rest of these boys were, with plans to meet up after the game for the bus ride back.  Turns out, they were sitting in a "box" and had four empty seats for us to join them.  It was awesome.

 They had the BEST time cheering on the heels and being loud and crazy the whole time.
 A few more cuties were sitting below us and they all piled  in as well- it was quite a cheering section, let me tell ya. 
 The end of the game as intense and Carolina almost blew it.  But they didn't.  phew. 

 Love these crazies and I am so glad we got to do this fun game with these fun friends!!!