Friday, February 24, 2017

Better late than never....weekend update

Last Friday, we loaded up the car and headed to South Carolina for Eddie's grandparents 70th wedding anniversary-- can we just take a minute to realize how long SEVENTY years is?! Holy moly.  The original plan was to go down for the lunch on Saturday and then turn around and come right back.  But that was a whoooole lotta car riding for two little boys I know, so we decided to head down Friday night, grab a hotel and then go to the lunch on Saturday and then head home.

We ended up hitting traffic at every single possible place to hit traffic.  It took us over 6 hours to get there.  Phew.  We checked into out hotel after nine and it was time to crash! Cal slept with me and Andy slept with Eddie-- Cal snuggled up immediately:

 and soon was snoring-- with his arm around me.  Pretty darn sweet if you ask me.

We woke up Saturday morning with more snuggles happening.  Pardon my appearance.  

We threw on grubby clothes and went over to Lala and Pops house to visit with them before the lunch.  Andy found great joy in Pop's walker.  (and he also wanted to wear jammies over there...whatever.)

Poppy rode down with us, so he was there for the morning visit too!

We hustled back to the hotel room and showered up and headed to the venue for the lunch.  

 Cal and Andy got to meet their second cousins (right? Eddie's cousins kids...?) What is Andy doing in this picture?? Honestly.....
 The little boy above is Drew- he is 10 and plays football and Cal thought he was just amazing.  He brought some of his game footage and the boys were obsessed with watching it. 

I am SO glad we got to take one of these pictures!!!! The four Calvin Edwin Williamsons!!! How amazing is this??

Someone else was standing next to me taking with a real camera, which is why the flash is all funky.  

We had to throw Nug in too..... he actually ran up from behind and threw himself in.  
 The Williamsons.... Everyone's eyes are open and we are all smiling!

So when this party was scheduled, it happened to be on the same day as one of my best friend's birthdays....and not just any birthday, her big 4-0! I didn't want to miss the anniversary, and I didn't want to miss the birthday party and I was SO SO torn as to what to do.  Well, I ended up riding back with Trish and Tommy-- they would be faster getting back than the car with the kids #ihavetopee #andpoop #arewethereyet?

When I got in the car, Tommy told me to check the backpack, there was a surprise for me.... y'all!!!! look!
 I have the most thoughtful brother in law around! We stopped an hour into the trip for mixers :) He said he didn't want me to show up to the party being the only sober one!

I changed in the car #classy and they stopped by the hotel so I could drop my bag and then they took me to the restaurant to meet all my friends! WOOOOO! Best in laws ever.

Yayyyyyy! I was sooooo happy to see everyone!!

 After dinner, we went back to the hotel roof bar and had a few drinks...
 and we ended the night in Virginia's hotel suite with an AMAZING cake and some awesome sparkler candles.
 We devoured it.  And made a mess.  It was like we were rockstars..... or something.
 The next morning-ish we had brunch in the lobby of the hotel--- it is a DJ brunch! So fun!!!!
 My bacon was massive.  And it made me happy......?
 The sweet brunchers!

I ran from brunch straight to flag football-- I caught the second half of Andy's game and Cal's game.  It was a gorgeous day!!! Perfect day to be sitting outside! I was remembering last year for flag football-- we were wearing a million layers and frozen to the core.  This winter has been SO weird. 

These two both ended up winning the sportsmanship award--- I know I know...Eddie is the coach of both teams, but when Andy's awards are handed out, Eddie is already on to Cal's team, and there is another coach on Cal's team who gave input on the award.... and each kid gets it once and the season is almost over. #processofelimination
 There was some celebrating.
 Charlie won it too-- these cuties were happy boys.

 They have these signs you are supposed to take your picture in front of if you get the award each week-- when we were walking to the car, we saw a friend carrying the sign out... he said you were supposed to put it in your front yard....! Who knew! hahah! But, uh, we still didn't take one. 
 Heyyyy blue gatorade....
 We got home from football and went straight over to the neighbor's house for a cookout in the cul-da-sec. 
 Chuck had a whole bloody mary station set up.

 The cookout was sponsored by i9 sports.  Not really, but we could have fooled you.  Pretty sure Andy got poop on his shirt so he had to change.  Keeping it real, people.  The poo struggle lives on. 

The kids ate and played a massive game of tag...or something.... and then it was time for showers because, peeeeeuuuuuuuuu.
 The dads were not done socializing though.  While the moms corralled the kiddos, the dads hit the town.  On a Sunday night.  Wild and crazy men. 

Also wild and crazy: bruce.

Extra long post but figured I had to get it up before the next weekend arrived.... and it's here! ha!
Eddie is gone, so it is me and the boys.... two basketball games, a baseball practice, two birthday parties....oh and a bum back.   These meds are working some magic though.  I can feel it.  Wishful thinking...???