Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little Ballers

On an extremely HOT Monday afternoon, when your new neighbor asks you if she can take your boys up to the Dean Dome to go shoot hoops for a bit, you don't hesitate to respond YES! (the Dean Dome is where UNC plays basketball, for you out of state readers.....).  The boys had the BEST time shooting around and playing hard.  These cuties love some TARHEELS!

The played a game of basketball....

 and my neighbor was sweet and took some pictures to send me.  They look pretty happy to me!

 As they were driving home, the neighbor asked if they boys could come over for dinner.... yes, yes they can! So they went over to their house for dinner and then came over to our house-- along with some other neighbors-- for popscicles and to play a little baseball in the side yard before everyone going home at 8...!

 Have I mentioned how much I love this neighborhood?!?!?!

Also- watched the Bachelorette Monday night. The overnight dates have Bruce like....

I can not believe Robbie is still in it.  I just don't find him....straight.  At all.  And after witnessing Jordan's capris at the rose ceremony, I am not so sure about him either.  Jojo, I love.  And I would like to have her body.  And her hair.  And also, what does Jordan put in his hair to obtain such volume? Mouse? Gel? I don't get it.  I liked Chase.  No way he isn't the next Bachelor.  No way.  They started grooming that boy for the part when they sent him back to Jojo to apologize for the way he left. 
I could go on and on.  Literally.  On and freaking on.  Guess I won't. But I could.