Thursday, September 8, 2016

Life Lately

I haven't done one of these posts in a while! So many pictures to share- brace yourself and get comfy!

We are slowly getting into this new season-- some mornings are better than other, and holy cow, are they early!

Cal has a good buddy in his class, Jackson, who happens to have an aunt who works at the school-- she sent this adorable picture from the first day of school.  They sure seem happy to me!

Andy got a new helmet-- it is similar to a neighbor's helmet-- gotta love the mohawk!

He's allll about a skate board lately... scared me to death, I swear.  

Cal's new baseball league required a lot more equipment than anything we've done in the past... he needed pants, a belt, sliders, a cup (ahem....), gloves and a chest protector.  We tried it all on one night and he was overly excited!
 This sweet girl is in Cal's class-- we caught them after the first day- all smiles!

I had a birthday last week and some of the very best women in the whole wide world took me out for dinner.  I feel like I say this all the time, but every girl should be so lucky to have ladies like this in her life.  I adore each of them beyond words and I truly treasure their friendships.  

We had such a fun night and many in the group weren't feeling great the next day...! hmmmm....

Andy has loved kindergarten this week.  Both boys got picked up by car pool early, but I caught a smile.  Andy said Monday night "I don't think I want to go to kindergarten tomorrow." I reminded him that he loved it last week when he went and he goes, "well, pretty sure that was a one time thing..." hahahahaha

And yesterday, I felt like a failure as a mom.  My parents brought back these t-shirts and both boys wanted to wear it.  I totally forgot the entire kindergarten was supposed to wear RED... I know Andy wasn't the only one, but he was upset about it because, well....Andy.  And, to top it off, Cal's behavior has been less than great lately.  Just feeling like not a good mom! 

I took a walk yesterday and saw a little baby deer come walking out and it was so sweet- then the momma came out and joined it. Loved it.  
 Life lately has been filled with alarm clocks, homework for Andy (Cal hasn't had any yet...!), baseball, soccer and reading.  PHEW!

I said I wasn't going to drink this week, but I am ready for a little glass of wine... anyone else??

Oh- and the back to school pictures on social media make me SO happy! It totally makes me not hate facebook- and that says a lot.  #noidonotwanttotryrodanandfields #justkidding #ialreadyuseit #butnowistopped #hashtag #hashtag #hashhhhhhhtaggggggg