Monday, October 3, 2016

Hottie Toddy!

Where in the WORLD have I been?!?! SHEESH! It has been a hot minute since my last post. 

Here's the long story, short...sorta...

I went to Ole Miss LAST weekend and when I came back, my desk top keyboard was acting funny.  The computer wouldn't recognize it. I must have restarted the thing 976 times, but still nada.  So then I figured I would use the lap top we have.  Well, Eddie flew out of town the Monday after I returned home and low and behold, the charger to the lap top was in his work bag, which was on him.  I continued trying to fix the computer, to no avail. Then Eddie got home and the lap top had no storage left on it thanks to some crazy something or other on there so I still was screwed.  SO THEN, finally, today, Monday, I took the keyboard to the apple store and told them of my woes and how I already went online and did a whole lot of trouble shooting....and they gave me a new keyboard! HOLLA!

SO this post is coming to you from that. Long story long, I guess. 

ANYWAY.... Last Thursday morning, I drove and picked up my sweet friend Andrea (she was my MOH in my wedding!!!) and then we drove to Greensboro to pick up our friend Julie (both of these ladies are Andy's Godmothers!) and then from there we drove to Charlotte to catch a flight to MISSISSIPPI! (I love typing that word....).

oh my gosh.  okay so i just tried for the last 38 minutes (yes, I looked at the clock right when I started this junk) to upload all the pictures off of my phone.  for whatever reason- I am blaming the new update....- I am unable to get pictures off of my phone onto my computer.  it says I have to unlock my device (phone)-- and it is unlocked.  Any tips here, people???

Maybe I am just not meant to blog lately! But I have so much to write about!!!!! wahhhhhhhh!

Oh- and I know I can do all of this from the app and be just as successful...but I post way too many pictures and it takes me way to long and also...autocorrect.  It gets me every time.  #shitnotshut

I give up.  Off to read a book.  A really good one, I might add......

I will try again tomorrow!