Monday, October 10, 2016

HUGE life lately/weekend update

Due to major computer issues last week, I am way behind on posts.  I am going to combine this one into a big fat post-- feel free to bi-pass the whole thing.  Lots of pictures to post!

Last weekend, we went up the the club on Friday night.  The boys showered before hand and looked so handsome, I thought! It was still crazy hot out, but Cal insisted on wearing this fleece sweatshirt thing-- it is super soft, so I guess I can't blame him!

 I set this next picture as the screen saver on my phone and it makes me smile every time I unlock it.  Their smiles just make me happy!

 I wrote before about Andy smashing his finger-- the nail is dark blue-- he wanted to show me...(hahaha)

Some Saturday morning snuggles out on the deck watching TV///

 Cal had a baseball game on Saturday and I looooooved how the coaches had the teams stand and do a pre-game "blessing" read by one of the older players.  I am going to do a post on baseball soon. 

Last Saturday night, we let the boys stay up to watch some football on tv.  Andy needed to go to bed, and then I looked over and Cal was out cold. As was Eddie.  Sleeping hard.  

 I spent some time last weekend getting out my Halloween goodies.  I really don't have much-- or I have never done much with it before, but in the new house, I have more room for more stuff! Below is our breakfast nook....

The smaller sitting room got some skulls and leaves. 

The living room has some Halloween in it too...

The two ghosts were made by the kids in each of their pre-k classes and I loooove them! I hope I can save them and pull them out every year!

The little candle sticks mom and I found at home goods and I love them!
 The dining room....

 In the breakfast nook, one of the windows has all of the boys' school work that involves Halloween... pumpkins and spider webs and Frankenstien.... I love it all! And the boys love seeing their stuff in one place. 

 Sunday afternoon, the boys decided they wanted Firehouse-- we hadn't been in forever! Well, we walked up and saw this: CLOSED.  I am pretty sure they couldn't hang since JERSEY MIKES moved to town-- no one can compete!!! We left here and headed straight to JM. 

 One night I could not find Bruce anywhere.  I called him, I searched in every room and on the porch.  I went to double check Cal's room and there he was..... busted.....

I looked in the side yard to find this: Cal practicing his swing (Eddie pitching) and Andy catching-- we didn't trust Cal/Andy, so we put him behind the net!

A carpool of cuties! So every day I pick up 4 kids- my two plus two others.  The other day, a friend needed help with her cutie, so I added one more to my load.  I am so thankful I have a big enough car for all these sweet kids! 

Ohhhhh Hank-- such a sweet, sweet pup.  I am so attached to this dog.  His eyes melt me... and he just knows when I need a little love and he plops his head in my lap and waits for it.  Like the best dog ever.  

One of the moms in our hood sent out a massive group text for a Nerf gun war one afternoon at the park.  These two were BEYOND excited about it! They loaded up their bags and hopped on their bikes and  headed out.  

I think we had close to 25 or 30 kids in this war-- it was amazing!!! 

Thursday night, we took a fabulous friend out for her birthday! The food was amazing, the wine was delicious and the birthday girl WONDERFUL! 

Saturday morning KIDSPOP-- I had 27 kiddos! Holla! We had so much fun! I love kidspop for a lot of reasons-- they are exercising! --they are having fun! --they get to see what their moms (and dad!) are doing! --they see value in exercising with friends! and on and on and on!

Saturday Hurricane Matthew hit and whoooooaaaaa buddy did it ever.  Thankfully, we had no damage at all and the houses at the beach are fine too.  Eddie's boat survived with just a lost cover.  This is where the boys play soccer-- I have a feeling we will not be playing there any time soon.  yeeeesh.  

Sunday morning to church! I am so thankful we went to church yesterday! It was a GORGEOUS day and we woke up to no storm damage- lots to be thankful for!

The boys wanted to sit in "big people church" with us as opposed to child care and they did GREAT! I took a few workbooks and coloring books and they didn't say a peep the whole time they were in there.  And Cal has had a bunch of questions about baptisms and there was a baby being baptized while we were there-- special to witness it! 
 My loves. I sat in the middle of them in church and had an arm around each one.  Not to be cheese fest, but I teared up sitting there- holding my two biggest blessings.  God is GOOD! Thankful for healthy children. 

 There's a catch up for you! I am going to be SO good about blogging this week....maybe....sorta....