Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekend Update

This might be my shortest weekend update ever.  It isn't from lack of a fun weekend, that's for sure! I just didn't take any pictures! We spent the weekend at the beach with great friends and had the best time.

Thursday, Cal had his last day of baseball camp and it's safe to say he loved it! They changed into swimsuits for the last bit and practiced sliding-- he was in heaven!
 After camp, he got a few autographs.  Note to self: next year, bring a baseball for signatures!
 My happy guy! Love his sweet smile. 
 Cal went to the beach super early with Eddie Friday morning.  I taught two popup classes and then Andy and I headed to the beach-- he was clearly worn out! I wanted to be napping too after back to back classes....
 We got to the beach and I walked into find this Saturday morning.  All curled up together. 
 We met up with the Corleys and headed over to the beach-- and it was a gorgeous day out there!
 After spending the morning on the beach, we loaded up the boat and headed out to sand dollar island.  We stayed out there until after 8-- and just had so much fun! So much fun that I didn't take one single picture.....! Until we got home... you think he was tired??? hahahaha
 Sunday we spent at the Coral Bay Club and it was glorious! This kid was enjoying it...
 Any time spent with his grandma is a good time in his book!

 This week, I am working a camp at school and it is a big adjustment for me! Getting up early and getting there will be a challenge, but it is a good time for me and the kids! Cal is our assistant in the class and Andy gets to go to the camp too, so it's fun for all!
Cheers to a busy and fun (AND HOT!) week!