Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Fun! Sleep over edition

Phew I am late getting this post out today-- whoops! Been a Monday for sure!

We had a great weekend-- and a great date night too!!!

Friday, after working out, I stopped by the boys' school for lunch.  They eat at 10:05, so maybe you'd rather call it BRUNCH...either way.  They were both super surprised-- thankfully they are still happy to see me in there.  

 Cal was with his best buddies, but they were kind enough to let me sit with them and listen to them laugh nonstop.  I adore these kiddos and this school 
 Friday after school, we pulled in the driveway and the boys were gone-- they never came in the house.  A huge group showed up in the back yard and ran and ran and ran.  The group grew pretty big and then it got dark out.

Cal and Hunter were not ready to quit playing-- can you see Hunter's watch? I need to do a post on these watches- everyone in the hood now wears one.  It has cellular capabilities... so the kids can call us and we can call them.  Well, Hunter's mom texted me about a sleep over and then said the boys had already called her from outside to ask her- hahaha
 So, Cal went over to have his first sleep over AWAY from the house! He didn't hesitate and had zero issues sleeping away from home!

Andy was bummed out so we let him sleep with a parent.  He picked me, therefore Eddie became the lucky lucky winner.  Andy was the worst sleeper ever that night.  He was flailing around the bed; sleeping on top of me, kicking one point I had his legs over my face and his head hanging off the side of the bed. 

And he woke up at 5:40.  On school days I have to DRAG him out of bed at 6:30-- and on the weekends when he can sleep in he gets up earlier than that...??? What in the world, Andy?!

So I didn't make it to workout Saturday morning.  sigh.  But I did get some laundry going and Andy had some chill time with Bruce. 
 He's a good sport.

 Caffeine was my friend Saturday morning...and I love my new mug!!! Makes me smile. 
 We didn't have our first came until 1:00 so we enjoyed some lazy slowness. 

 This kid........
 Then it was time for basketball.  Andrea sent me this picture of her youngest son and I can SOOOO relate! I swear this was Andy when Cal had games! It was awful! I had to share because when she sent it to me I couldn't stop laughing-- I mean, look at how distraught he is! hahahahaha I am not kidding I probably have this exact same picture of Andy.... before she knows it, she will be at two different gyms at two different times for two different games for her boys....

That being said-- Andy and Cal both had basketball games at 1 and 1:30  Eddie was coaching Andy's team, so he took Andy and I took Cal.  Tricia and Tommy went to the game too so I was able to get some pictures!

Sounds like their team, the Panthers, was pretty amazing--- and modest...

I didn't get any pictures from Cal's game...I got some videos but I am too lazy to post here.

Saturday afternoon was spent getting things done--and then...the greatest thing happened! Cal was invited to sleep over at Jackson's house (two sleep overs in one weekend-- momma is getting WILD!) and Andy was invited to sleep over at my parent's house....! HOLLLLLLAAAA!!!

Eddie and I had a date night! A student of mine gave me a gift card to Nanas for Christmas so we went there and had a delicious meal! I can't remember the last time we had a date night just the two of us.  It was lovely and much needed!

Sunday morning, Eddie left to head up for the Patriots game.  He has a client that plays for them, so we were extra excited to watch them win--and head to the SUPER BOWL!

I volunteered Eddie to coach flag football this year.  Since Eddie was out of town, I got to fill in for him..... yeah.  Sunday was just evaluation day, thankfully.  I wasn't having to run plays.  But I did get to do evaluations on a load of kiddos!

Andy and Cal aren't in the same league, so I was out there with the boys from 1-4 and it started raining.... I was ready for a hot shower when we got home!

Here are some of the buddies in Andy's group (we won't get team placements until this week, once they look at the eval points).  

 And then finally it was Cal's turn-- he was so excited to be out there again. 
 Ready to play!

We went to dinner Sunday night for Tommy's birthday-- the boys asked to sleep in the guest bed again and they were out immediately-- not sure they could be much closer, literally and figuratively.  
 and, big news.....!!
No clue what his deal was! He saw something outside and wouldn't let it go! He ended up getting sent to another room with the door shut so I could try to sleep!

Thank goodness I got some sleep the night before!!!

Our weekends are about to be consumed with basketball x 2 and football x 2.  I kinda love it.