Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sleeping Boys

Ahhhh the great sleeping issue in our family. Eddie loves to sleep.  I enjoy sleeping.  Cal doesn't mind sleeping.  Andy doesn't really care for it.  Enter all the crying faces here. 

He has been getting on our floor in his sleeping bag-- this is fine, if he doesn't wake me up.  But lately, he comes in and wants to talk.  About everything and nothing.  Or he complains that he wants to get in our bed.  Finally last week, after being up with him for 2 hours, I put him in my spot next to Eddie and I got in his bed.  That is crazy.  But everyone went back to sleep, so whatever.  Cal slept through it all. 

After Cal's sleepover, he declared the guest bed the most comfortable bed in the house.  After Andy's sleepover with Grandma, she suggested he needs a bigger bed- maybe he doesn't like his twin (insert all the eye rolls here....the kid has been sleeping in a freaking sleeping bag!). 

So we made a deal with the boys Monday night:

 They got to sleep together.  I tucked them in a lectured them on going to sleep-- Bruce was right there through it all- hahaha
 I checked on them before going to bed and they were out cold. 
 Andy came into my room at 4 and asked me to help him with the covers-- and sure enough, Cal had pulled all of them over on his side-- he is the wildest sleeper!

But he went right back to sleep again and I had to pull them both out of bed at 6:30 the next morning. 
 Tuesday night, they did it again-- it took a bit to calm down, but then they were out cold (yes, Cal is sleeping in his that weird?) (funny story-- he sort of slept walked the other night....? he came in to our room with his robe on, hood up.  I said "what's up buddy?" he goes "yeah, I don't really know." and then walked back into his room and went to sleep-- again, his hood was up.... should have scared me to death, but I was too tired.)
Tuesday night again, Andy woke up at 11:45 with no covers on-- I fixed them and they both slept through from there.  We might be on to something!