Friday, June 3, 2016

Life Lately

You ever have one of those days/weeks/months where you are trying to run around, knocking things off a to do list, but every time you do one thing, you add three more to the list? That is my life lately.  CAH-RAZY. 

There are boxes everywhere.  Well, that's not true.  There SHOULD be boxes everywhere.  I had a moving coming come over on Wednesday to give an estimate and the guy said multiple times: "you are moving in two weeks?? Man.  You've got a LOT of work to do by then.... like, A LOT." I didn't think our house was that bad off...but apparently we have a lot of STUFF that needs packing.  This man made one key mistake-- underestimating me.  (and my mom.....).  We are going to have this house packed up in no time....! Or that's what I am telling myself.  Because we worked for hours on Thursday and I swear, we didn't even make a dent in the stuff. 

Other than's life lately!

Cal is still in school,

but Andy is out-- and Andy is bored to tears without Cal home.  He wants me to entertain him constantly.  Which, if we weren't moving, I totally would.  But since we are...I have to be productive when we are home!
He killed some time the other morning by perusing Cal's yearbook...and trying to find anyone he knew in there.  Andy even made it on one of the pages- ha!

I am trying to do fun things still like going to the pool-- he looooooves going now and it is actually really great for me too.  I can sit and read or make phone calls, knocking things off of my to do list, while he swims, slides and dives non-stop.  It's a pretty great way to spend a morning. 

 Unfortunately, I am unable to pack boxes while sitting at the pool (with a drink in hand....).

Wednesday, after swim team practice, Eddie took the boys to the driving range to hit balls.  Eddie's dad bought the boys new clubs while we were at the beach and they are certifiably obsessed with golf at the moment.  (this picture is awful of them, I just noticed! hahahahaha makes me laugh)

Swim team is still every afternoon and I am blown away by how well the boys are doing this season-- Andy no longer cries at every practice.  He doesn't hesitate to jump in and swim and the coaches no longer think he will drown every time he is in the water.  He actually even smiles and gives thumbs up to me.  (see the coach next to him in the black bathing suit? Funny story- I watched Andy walked up to her and say something and her burst out laughing and then walk away, hysterically laughing....she walked over to me and told me Andy walked up to her, stuck out his belly - not hard to do..- and asked her to tie his bathing suit tie...then he looked down and goes "well look at that- it's already tied..." then walked away.  She was dying laughing telling the story. Andy doesn't believe in age limits, clearly."
 Andy has been working on his dives lately and everyone was pretty shocked to see him do them off the block-- he does it like this every time, believe it or not (I don't believe it).  He's come a long way, y'all.

And, so be totally obnoxious, I have to share this video- I can't film anything at meets because I am screaming like crazy the whole time.  So I got this one at practice, where I am screaming like crazy the whole time (enter eye roll emoji).  I don't even care that he is making it across pool (I mean, I totally do care that he isn't drowning....), but I am just beyond thrilled that he actually loves it! And I am thrilled that we encouraged him (strongly) to keep going, even after he sobbed those first days of practice.  And I am THRILLED with how proud he is of himself-- he loves doing these dives and swimming a lap and then looking at me for a thumbs up. 

 This post has been totally Andy-heavy.  I feel like we are spending a LOT of time together this week...! Cal gets out of school and it is a mad dash to get it all done before we get to swim practice.  I need to take more pictures of him too! Bruce was feeling neglected too (or he wanted my Menchies!) so he rested his head on me for some extra loves. 

That's life lately! A lot of boxes, packing and swim team! Happy Friday to you! Hope you have a fun weekend planned!