Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Weekend Update: part 2- birthday party!

To continue on with the crazy busy weekend (read part one here), Cal's 7th birthday party was Sunday afternoon...at our house!

I can just suffice it to say this kid had a BIG BIG day-- he was a happy camper!

The day started early with a neighbor coming over to play with one of Cal's new toys- the D man.  They threw the football to each other and made the D man be the monkey in the middle.  

Then Andy went flying by on his bike and wanted in on their picture.  

The group grew as some more neighborhood boys came over- looking for popsicles and drinks.  

Next thing I knew, there was a football game going in my side yard- ! Have I mentioned how much I love this neighborhood?!?!
 These sweet 4 boys- oh my goodness, I love them.  They are sweet, kind, funny, well-mannered... and could go on and on and on.  They are also super sweaty! HA!

While these boys were playing up a storm, we were getting busy decorating...!

Few things to note--
-we had the party at our house in our back and side yards...we obviously didn't care if they killed the grass playing, because the yard looks awful as it is-- we are having to kill it all and start over any way. 
-we did not have a plan B in case it rained... we were just hoping and praying for a non-rain day (and ironically enough, it poured rain all day Monday.... appreciate you holding off, Mother Nature!
-it was HOT out there from 2-4...but there was a nice breeze and it wasn't too too bad.  It didn't seem to bother any of the kids.

 I can't believe how awful I was at taking pictures-- there were so many things after the fact that I thought about getting a picture of that I never did (grrr).  Behind this long table, there were two small tables.  One had a cooler for gatorade (thank you, Amy!!!) and this was a HUUUUUGE hit! Holy cow-- they were chugging the stuff.  Next to that table, I had a sign that said "get your game face on" where the kids could apply the black under eye stuff that football players wear.  Also on the table was a sign that said "autograph this" with a big football and silver and gold paint pens-- I had each kid sign the ball so we could put it in Cal's room and see who all was at his party. 
 We couldn't bring out the cake until the last minute because it would melt.... but the cake went here eventually. 
 And, the favors! Woohoo!

So, the party started around two-- the kids were so cute showing up and getting the eye black on.  i9 Sports ran the party which was AMAZING.  Can't say enough great things about this company and the men who came to this party.  They brought mouth guards for each kid- so once kids were suited up, they were ready to go!

Cal was very specific in wanting an all boy party-- but then he said he wanted Laynie there and then he said he wanted Mae there.  So we had two girls-- who could VERY MUCH hang with all the boys!

The coaches split the kids into two groups and they ran drills with them-- offensive and defensive...and it was sooooo cute to watch them!
 I mean.... how cute are these kids?!
 Again- the gatorade was a HUGE hit. 

Cal realllllly wanted to invite a ton more people-- but it was encouraged to keep the number down, and I totally can understand why- although I would have liked to invite a bunch more people! Cal is lucky to have many great friends. 

I mean: can you even handle this picture............. seriously.  I can't handle it.  LOVE!

A few more drills- this one was practicing ripping flags off each other:
 Some more cuteness....
 And then it was GO time.  They played an actual game and the boys were SO into it! Holy smokes!

 I love this picture-- 1. Andy only has one glove on because he said his friend needed to wear one. 2. The little boy on the right of the picture has a cast on his arm-- he was not to be playing....try telling that to him 3. Th tall brunette boy got out of the car with his shirt tucked in (real rules for flag football) and his gloves on, ready to GO! love it!

The final play of the game, the coach tossed the ball to Cal and then picked him up (HIGH) and ran with him in the air, into the end zone.  Everyone ran after him, but no one could reach Cal's belt.  I seriously do not think I have ever seen Cal smile so big.  He thought it was the greatest thing ever-- I wish I got better pictures of it! I didn't know it was happening or I would have been prepared!

 This is the only picture I got of the cake...! Fail! Meredith was lighting it and the lighter was acting up-- whoops! I think all the boys were pretty tired by this point so they were happy to be sitting. 

Post-cake smiles! Green teeth and sweaty heads. 

We had some cuties there, that's for sure!

the gloves that Tricia and Tommy gave Cal were a big hit still- he wore them the entire party!

You know it was a good party when....... can't you just see them in college...? Cal holding a coozie....and still wearing the gloves....!

 I would say the party was a big success! THRILLED the rain held off for us and that no one got hurt (two of my concerns!).  Everyone said they had a great time so I am happy as can be-- and so is this guy:

 Thanks to our friends that came and celebrated with us!!!