Saturday, April 22, 2017

Part Three: Beach with Buddies

I've been playing catch up and posting about our spring break trip to the beach.  All of the schools in our area had different spring breaks-- which is CRAZY! Why could all the schools not get together and plan it on one same week? Too much to ask, I guess. 

So I mentioned to my friend (who has kids at our same school) that we were heading to the beach for spring break and she commented she would love a trip to the beach.  I said well then come on! She didn't hesitate and came down Thursday night with her crew...and a few more! Some of our other friends are trying to get ready for a trip and we offered to take her boys off her hands for a few days so she could get things done-- so add two more boys to the mix!

 The crew arrived and we unloaded and beverages were poured for the moms while the kids played basketball and ran wild.  We headed over to watch the sunset-- of course we did!


Two moms and a whole lotta crazy kiddos--seven to be exact!

They were outnumbered, but they didn't seem to mind... until it got stinky....

 They had to get in the water-- weirdos.  It was COLD and windy, but they insisted!

After the sunset, we finished off the night with a pile on on the hammock-- didn't know it could hold so many people!

 The next morning came.....EARLY.  OUCH.  Bruce found some sunshine and he was a happy guy. 

Eddie took the boys on an adventure-- got this text from him while they were gone:

 And then these pictures-- love !
 love love love
 Out to the back porch for some donut eating!

After breakfast we headed over to the beach! The weather was perfect! The waves were a tad bit rougher than they had been the day before, but it wasn't too bad. 

Eddie brought his board over and everyone was fascinated by it:

 He took turns taking the kids out to surf. 
 Bruce wasn't allowed out there (he gets in the way of the board), so I had to keep him on leash close to the water- he wasn't happy. 

 Eddie also took the crew on a little boat ride! Ali (the other momma) came to town to collect her crew, so Kris and I waited for her while Eddie took the boys on another adventure. 

And we caught this sunset..... sigh!

We did the beach thing again on Saturday and once again it was wonderful.  These two- Andy and Henry- stood on the boards for hours.... so entertained!
 A quick pic of the moms before Ali had to hit the road with her boys!
 Super fun, even if a short visit!!

The set up on the beach! Dad brought his drone over and got this picture-- a mess of a group.  

We left the beach and headed over to my parents for an Easter egg hunt! They invited over lots of fun people and the kids were ready to HUNT for some eggs!
 Post-hunt, I found these two opening their eggs and shoving candy into their mouths. 
 There was a massive baseball game taking place too! (my happy place....!)
 A boat ride to catch the sunset!!!

 Unshowered and gross, but really happy! These kiddos had the best day!

Eddie's boat is loaded down!
 Gretchen and her sweet family came over to the hunt and dinner and we had so much fun together!
 We cleaned like crazy people Sunday morning and headed home. Bruce did a whole lot of what I was wanting to do!
As CRAZY as it is having that many kids in one house, it went remarkably well-- everyone got along, everyone slept, everyone was VERY well-behaved.... kind of shocking, actually, but I will take it! It was loud and at times chaotic, but we made some really great memories for these kiddos!