Monday, January 2, 2017!

Happy Happy New Year! How can it be 2017 already?! I used to always made resolutions, but really I just break them- haha!

But I will try harder to:
-drink more water
-get healthier
-blog more
-be a better me (wife, mom, friend, person)

All of those seem somewhat doable.  Also, when I was typing that, when I went to write "better wife", my fingers went ahead and typed "better wine." so there's that.  HA

I did the instagram best nine thing because it really is a great way to look back at the year.  These were my nine most liked pictures on instagram from 2016, and they are probably 9 of my favorite memories too. 

Losing Hank has been harder than I ever imagined. I still cry every day.  I am beyond thankful we have Bruce to help ease that void-- and Bruce has reallllly stepped up his game since Hank's passing.  Other than that, I am not hating on 2016 too much-- I choose to focus on these happy memories!

Can't wait to make more memories in 2017!

Cheers to you, my friends!