Friday, February 17, 2017

Cotillion: fancy night out!

 Eddie and I had a fancy night out last weekend! I always love an excuse to get dressed up (and RENT THE RUNWAY) and i find Eddie in a suit pretty darn irresistible. 
 It was held at the Carolina Inn, again- had to take a picture with Katie! She is the Popup Queen. 

 My fabulous brother was there- I had a great time hanging out with him too!

 I love nights like this with Eddie-- we laughed a bunch, danced a bunch and just had fun together. 
 Speaking of fun: these were the girls at our table.... oh my WORD was that fun! These are the very best people in the world and I just adore them! They pick me up when I am down, they make me laugh, they are there for me whatever I need, whenever I need it.  I say this all the time: every girl should be so lucky to have people like this in her life.  I don't know what I would do without them!

 Once again, I was in to taking a million pictures with my brother! My parents were out of the country #shocker, so I was sending them these-- they love pics with their kiddos! haha

As the night progressed, you could see I was dancing harder and harder-- the hair is a bit more dishelved, the stick on bra showing a bit more.....whoops.

We were home at a decent-ish hour, but waking up the next morning was not super enjoyable.  I sipped my tea out on the porch on the most gorgeous morning ever while Andy came and chatted with me- both in robes.  I ADORE this picture of him-- his blue eyes, his messy hair, the robe, the band-aid, the up to no good expression.... there is something about this picture that I love so very much.  Maybe it is just that he's as close to me as he can get.  I love that too.  
 Until next year!


Thursday, February 16, 2017

100th Day of School

So celebrating this 100 day of school thing has really become a....THING. Many parents groan and moan about this, but anything that makes this crew up and out the door excited about school and I am alllll over it!

Last year, when Cal was in kindergarten, he had to create a project with 100 objects on it.  He made a flower pot with 100 lollipops stuck in.  This year, Andy had to make a project AND dress up like a 100 year old.  Cal got to dress up also-- it was actually super cute.  Even if I did find myself at wal-mart, party city and dollar tree at 10:00 the night before...

Here is Andy with his project.  He counted (and recounted) 100 cheerios.  This was painful, y'all.  This kid knows how he wants to do something, and he does not want input.  (hush, mom.....I know he is SO me....).

 I suggested he spread out the cheerios evenly between numbers-- Cal was quick to point out he could put 40 in the 1, and 30 in each of the 0s (I had to count that in my head when he said that).  That makes sense to me and my OCD self.  Not Andy.  He wanted to put them where he wanted to put them.  So there.  I bit my tongue and watched him work.  Boy was he proud. 

The morning of the 100th day, we styled the hair and then sprayed it gray.  These glasses are actually readers-- with prescription lenses.... I couldn't find any non prescription lenses when I went to buy...!

A little blurry, but here are my sweet old men.  

This next picture cracks me up-- Andy is hunched over like an old man...HA!
 I told him to stand up straight and this is what I got!

 Holy cow do I love them!
 Showing me their hair. 
 We picked up Mae and headed to school.  I seriously could not stop laughing the whole ride there.  Every time I looked in the rear view mirror, this is what I saw:

I mean-- tell me this isn't hysterical.  

Walking into the retirement home:
and that means we are over the half way mark in the school year!


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Life Lately

Well helllllllo! I have been super MIA this week. We have had the crud hit our house and I have been constantly surrounded by kiddos feeling the need to talk to me non-stop.  Made getting stuff done hard!

The boys had football on Sunday and Cal was just not himself.  During Andy's session, Cal was clingy to me, and even at one point curled up in my lap and almost fell asleep.  During his session, he was slow moving and looked totally out of it.  We got in the car after and he was quiet, then said he couldn't wait to go home and rest on the couch.  He came in and immediately got on the couch and was.....still.  That child is never still.  Ever.  So I knew he wasn't feeling well.  I took his temperature and it was 102.5. Yeah. No other symptoms though, thankfully.  So he stayed home with me Monday.  Monday afternoon the fever came back (after being gone all day), so I knew he would miss Tuesday too-- he ended up coming to school with me and staying in a little room down the hall- and was fever free the whole day.

Tuesday, Andy came home from school and burst into tears-- and it was his turn for a fever! So Cal went to school Wednesday, and Andy stayed home with me.  Let me tell ya- I have not had a minute of quiet since last Friday- haha! I will soak up the chaos now.  They are totally fine all day long-- fever free and acting fine. Go figure!

So prepare yourself for a long update:

I wrote last week about Eddie and Cal going hunting for the weekend.  They had a big time and the pictures I got cracked me up-- looks to be pretty cold!

Somehow Cal and Jackson ended up in the same bed.  Love these two. 

 Every picture I got, the boys had this face paint all over their faces.  I assumed it was to camouflage them better....
 But then Cal got home and I saw the scratches all over his face and I am assuming he wore the paint so I wouldn't see this:

I guess when you fall face first into a log, it scratches your face pretty good.

We had a super fun Flag Football game after Cal and Eddie got home-- Cal's game was intense and super fun.  But so intense that he basically ate his mouth guard.  I went and bought the boys these more durable ones and they love them!

I was cutting up a cucumber for dinner one night and Andy picked it up and started chowing down.  He loves his fruits and veggies! Hilarious because I am pretty sure Cal was in a corner gagging while Nug was eating.  

Boys had a dentist appointment last week.  Cal made himself comfy in the waiting room.  And side note: when did his legs get so long?
 They both got x-rays....
 and cleanings.....

and both were pumped to be CAVITY FREE!

My sweet buddies!

I wrote about these last year too-- but here is the Valentine's card I sent out to some family members this year---
 Red Stamp is the app and it is CRAZY easy to use. And it can access your address book so you can just scroll through your contacts and send to whomever you want!

Bruce was cracking me up the other night-- who lays like this?!?!
 and also, who lays like this?? Andy was sound asleep-- UNDER our bed.  With the chargers.  Just snuggled up. 

I made a fresh market meal the other night that was a huge hit with the crew! Everyone gobbled it up.  I am obsessed with these meals.  

I have mentioned in the past that I have started playing tennis-- well, taking lessons....! And I looooove it! I have formed a team and we had out first clinic last week! Matches will start soon...I am not planning on winning many, but I am planning on having so much fun trying! 

So Andy has decided he likes to sleep in his robe.  But he has to have it *just* right before he will get in bed.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to get it just right:

 Y'all.  Someone help me and give me patience!

The breeder we got Bruce from had another litter and I have loved watching all of the videos and pictures he has been posting.  I swear there is nothing cuter than a golden puppy! omgggggggggg.  Look at that face!!!!!!

Because can't play basketball without a "sleeve" on, amiright?
 Boys have started getting a "check list" each day with some small chores on it (pick up room, put away laundry, wipe down bathroom sinks, read your book, etc....) and they have taken really well to them! I add in the school work part and they can choose when they do what.  Cal was quick to get to cleaning his bathroom-- and I was thrilled!
 At his basketball game last Saturday, he got the defensive player award....and I was so proud of him.  This has been a real learning season for him.  And also- that smile melts me. 
 Bruce is so dramatic. 

omg, I thought doing class Valentines with this one would set me over the edge.  It was not painless.  Nor was it a quick process.  #thattonguethough
 Tuesday, Cal missed school, but was totally fine-- no fever, no symptoms.  He had a fever Monday afternoon so I had to keep him home.  After lunch at wich wich, he declared it "the best sick day ever"!

My sweet momma got me this ram bracelet for Valentine's Day! I am obsessed! love love love love!
 Tuesday afternoon, this one started feeling bad.... he was down for the count.  Bruce was okay to stay by his side. 
 Until the dog show came on-- then he had to watch his peeps do their thang. 
 It flat wore him out!
 Wednesday Andy stayed home and he got some MAJOR coloring done.  He was fever free all day, so he WILL be at school tomorrow!
LONG POST! More coming this week, I hope!