Tuesday, February 13, 2018

100th and 101st day of school

The boys have survived 1st and 2nd grade for 100 days. woohoooo! To celebrate, they got to dress like 100 year olds. I think they are pretty cute old men, if you ask me.

 Please note the blazer. This is not the same one he wore at Christmas. He got another one. And he insisted on wearing it to school. Because, well, he's always in the spirit. Oh, and he decided his Halloween costume last week. No surprise it is a Christmas themed costume. Again. And, unlike most kids, once he decides on a costume, it sticks. He won't be changing his mind. (watch him change it this year just because I blogged that.....)

Even though the boys started on the same day of school and have gone the same number of days... Andy celebrated his 100th day on Thursday and Cal did on Friday. That's how they were each able to photobomb each other in their pictures. ha. And Bruce... sweet Bruce.... when we go on the front porch for a picture, he goes WILD until we let him be in the pic. What a weirdo. He loves it.

Andy's teacher is a glutton for punishment (her own, not the kids), and she also is a lover of dalmations, so they also celebrate the 101st day of school (how clever is she????).

 I didn't even notice- every other kid's ears are down and normal... not Andy's! Clearly he was excited about the 101st day of school! hahahaha


Sunday, February 11, 2018

All dressed up

Saturday night we had cotillion- basically an excuse to dress up and act like a grown up for a night.

We had a great time and danced the night away after dinner, which is always fun. Give me a good band and I can't sit still.

And, of course, Sunrise on Sunday morning.....


Friday, February 9, 2018

Life lately + Andy update

Here is a random look and this and that going on lately- nothing too exciting!

These pictures are all out of order and I don't have patience to rearrange them.

This note was waiting for me when we got home from Minneapolis- sweet kiddo missed his momma. Good thing. I missed him too.   
Hi, my name is Carrie and I am a puzzle addict. I love a good puzzle. They suck me in though. I got one for Andy last week and wouldn't you know it, I did the whole thing. These two worked on it for a bit together.

While a slew of other kids were in the yard playing an intense football game.

We got Andy this jersey while we were gone and he wore it to school proudly!

That is my shirt.... Bruce LOVES to lay on our clothes. We will leave it in a pile when we shower and he will grab a piece or two and take them to his bed and curl up on them- super sweet...and sneaky.

A few weeks ago, a sweet friend offered to take Nuggie to the UNC game with them: I think it's safe to say they had a big time!!

Some neighborhood friends were moving and they had quite the going away party! A big ol group of kiddos!

After the party we gathered at a friends house to continue the party- such a fun night!

These two have been enjoying swimming together- and I love it too!
Homework time is a STRUGGLE. But he will get it done with the help of his tongue.

And reading it finally starting to CATCH! Phew.... he's all about it now, which is awesome. Thankful to great, patient teachers.

Representing our favorite sandwich shop....with some mud.

Speaking of amazing teachers:

This sweet pea had hat day last week and he aged several years..... Love that sleepy face.

Okay, so Andy's appointment was last week. This is him going in.... looking thrilled, right?
As a recap, the first appointment was a fail because he was so full of poop. So we started a clean out the following Tuesday after school (for a Thursday appointment) and he cleansed all day Wednesday and ended up going to school with me Thursday to be safe.

They were able to complete the testing this time and it was....so so so not great. It was painful and hard for him and awful to witness. I could go on and on but I will refrain. It was just not great. And I was so happy when it was over.

Waiting to hear back from the doctor, but spoke with the nurse yesterday and she doesn't think it is Hirschprung's disease, which I am thankful- I really didn't want my baby to have to have surgery... but that means we don't really know what is causing it. His muscles down there are showing some incoordination, which is something therapy can help...but they typically don't do therapy on that until they are 8 or so. So, we wait to hear from the doctor and see what he thinks.

Thanks for thinking of my buddy. I will keep you posted!

That's life lately!


Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Super Bowl!

I can't even believe I am lucky enough to be writing this post. I mentioned this post Eddie has a client who plays for the Eagles. We went to the play off game and seriously thought there was NO way we would go to the super bowl. I assumed there was a chance that Eddie might get to go, but no way I would get to too. Well, I was wrong. We both went. And it was amazing....!

If you follow me on instagram, you know I posted up a storm. And I am sure it was annoying. But I will tell you... I have had SO many people tell me how much they loved all my posts- hahaha seems like everyone enjoyed living vicariously through me. And honestly- I am FINE if people didn't enjoy all of my instastories! I wasn't making them watch them! So, in case you missed the stories, here is a full recap of our ridiculously wonderful trip!

My parents graciously offered to keep the boys (I have a post coming up on Andy and how the appointment went last week-- I will just say, I am so so thankful he was with my mom this weekend...she loved him like his momma would...and he needed it!).

We flew out Saturday morning early. 3:30 wake up call!

We landed in C-O-L-D Minneapolis...! burrrrr!!!!! It was snowing when we landed. Guess they are all just used to it there. 

We took an uber to our hotel which was all decked out for the big game:

Our room wasn't ready so we dropped our bags and set out exploring a little bit! We are walking down the main street in downtown here- our hotel is back behind us and we are walking towards the NFL experience area, which is basically a street shut down with a ton of really fun Super Bowl stuff...

They had this bench, which is like the heated bench the players sit on during games... but it was covered in snow and I wasn't trying to get all wet....

We wandered into a pub where we had a few drinks along with breakfast.... 

And then we walked some more, taking it all in!

We headed over to the mall of America to spend some time... and...WOW. That place is huge. Like massive. We walked through the lego store and I had to take this pic to send to my mom to show Andy. The lego creations all throughout the mall were amazing. 

Two celebrity sightings:

We got on an escalator behind a mom and her kid (dressed head to toe in PJ Masks, hood and mask on as well). I glanced at the mom and thought "huh, she looks so familiar, who does she look like...???" and right then (we were literally on the step behind them), a guy dressed up in a shark suit was going down the other escalator heading down to the aquarium. And being the ADD person I am, I was all "ohhhhh look! A shark!" and forgot all about the woman within inches of me. We got off at the top and she and the kid rode the escalator right back down again. Eddie realized who it was because he heard the girl- JESSICA BIEL- say to the guys she was with "we are going to ride this up and back down, keep a look out for photogs." I missed all of that...because, well there was a guy in a shark suit riding the escalator! ha! And, I mention the PJ masks part for two reasons: 1. because she was totally just a typical mom, who probably had to pick her battles that day and was like, fine, wear the damn hoodie. I don't care.  And 2: I follow Justin Timberlake on instagram and he posted to his story that he was in the Target in Minneapolis buying stuff and he was getting PJ Masks stuff beause his kid was obsessed with all things PJ Masks. Funny, right??!

And the second one.... I heard a commotion and looked and saw a group of people around Dax Shephard.  His "people" announced that he was done taking pictures, but I said "Do you have a second for just one more?" And he goes "I do if you'll walk with me..." So walk we did! He put his arm around my back and I smiled a big ol' smile and it was over in about 4 seconds.... but it was fun.

We shopped a little more around the mall, met up with Alshon's family and hung out with them a bunch, and then we got the call our room was ready. We were pretty tired from the early morning wake up, so we went back to the hotel and rested for about an hour.

Pretty soon we were back on the streets, taking it all in! Eddie had some friends staying a few blocks away, so we went to their hotel lobby, which was PACKED with people, to have a few drinks with them.  Joe Montana walked by and I was pretty awe struck.

All of the lights on the street were really neat. This was a structure made of shiny, almost iridescent material, which looked so neat with lights shining on it.  

We woke up Sunday morning and it was slightly chilly. 
 Seriously?!?!?! NEGATIVE 25????? That is crazy! Eddie bundled up to walk a block to get us breakfast.
 I stayed in bed!

We had a lazy morning, which was awesome because we knew we had a big day/evening ahead of us.

When I say the town was decked out, even our room keys were Super Bowl-esque.

We were given tickets to the preparty before the game, which ended up being SO much fun. It was in this massive warehouse place that was actually a really big club in the middle with different bars on every floor. 

 Soon it was time to head into the stadium! The skies were bright blue! And it was cooooold out there.

This is Mercedes! Her boyfriend is one of the players and she is so so so much fun! We were walking in and we got interviewed by the local news channel. Not sure we should have been interviewed, but it was fun! hahaha

Eddie and I got separated going through security, so we were finally reunited at our seats.

I had the guy behind us take a picture- the stadium wasn't too big, and it was packed!

I took mostly videos during the game, and not a lot of pictures. It was a GREAT game and Alshon played so so well.... it was realllllly fun to watch him! Justin Timberlake was incredible and I had a great time singing and dancing to his half time show. I am still a little confused as to why he didn't invite me on to the stage, but I will choose to forgive him this time.

After the game, we hung around the stadium to wait for Alshon's family. I love this next picture because of all of the confetti on the ground! I just want to run and jump in it!

We left the stadium and went to the after party which was crazy!!! The whole team came in and we were so excited to see Alshon!

This is Fletcher Cox-- his girlfriend is the one I mentioned above. He is a riot! I stood in line with his mom in the bathroom and I can tell you right now where he gets his personality from. I would like to ask her to be my pen pal.

Oh, and the light saber thing I am holding was a styrafoam light up thingy (I am so descriptive.) that you could wave in the air when Cardi B (!!!!!) was performing.

I also had to get a picture with Chris Long- isn't he cute??? So his dad is Howie Long, the broadcaster. So, yes, he is cute, BUT, have you heard what this man has done for education?!?!?! He is amazing. He donated HIS PAYCHECK to organizations that promote educational equality. Seriously. Not making it up. Read about it here.  I totally geeked out and thanked him for all he was doing for education. He could have brushed me off and called me a dumb fan girl. But instead, he turned and looked me in the eye and set his drink down and started a conversation about it....! What?!?!?!?! He so strongly believes that the most important thing in our country is equality in education and those in underprivileged cities should still receive the most amazing education.... and on and on and on. I was SO BEYOND impressed. I was trying to find the article to link above and I found about 30 other articles that will give you goosebumps. If you have a second to read any of them, do it. I want my boys to read them too- they say so much about his character, and I hope my boys will see him as a role model.  Wow, could I blabble on any more???

Melvin Ingram is another one of Eddie's clients, but he plays for the Chargers. He is super tight to Eddie and sort of like another member of the family. It was great to see him. Random- after Hank died, we went out of town to see Melvin play. I was a hot mess express and literally could not stop crying. I think I was sobbing when I met him for the first time- like ugly cry. So it was great to see him and actually not be bawling. Point for me.

With Alshon and Melvin! I don't feel like a giant....! Hollllla! These two had people lined up to talk to them and get autographs. People were hanging on Alshon. They could not have been nicer to us. They were content hanging out with me and Eddie, two old people!, all night long. (I just realized I don't have a picture of Alshon's girlfriend! She is WONDERFUL and I love her.... just didn't get a picture to post of her! Next time.....haha)
The after party seemed to never die down. How??? I am too old for this. I finally called it at night at 2:30am and ubered home and crawled in bed at 3. Eddie didn't come home until 5....!!!

Thankfully we didn't have to check out of our hotel the next day (we had it for Monday night too, even though we were flying home on Monday). We were lazy bums ALL day long, trying to recover. We got to the airport and got some dinner and settled in for our flight to be delayed. Ugh.

We landed at 1am, got our bags and the car and pulled into the driveway at 2. I set my alarm for 6 to go in to preschool the next day. Nothing brings you back to reality like heading in to preschool after that kind of a weekend. Sheeeeewwwwwwwweeeeee!

It was SUCH a fun and amazing weekend- and one I can't imagine topping. We were so lucky to get to go to this game. And even luckier the Eagles WON....!