Thursday, June 14, 2018

Last day of school!

The boys had their last day of school (a while ago....). We had to take the obligatory pictures before school...

Andy took his teacher flowers on the first day....
 ...and again on the last....

 And, for some comparison pictures. Cal hasn't changed too too much (other than growing!); Andy's change is shocking to me. That is a HUGE difference!

I picked the boys up after school expecting cheers and happiness.

Cal walked out and leaned in to me for a hug. Andy ran ahead to the car. I put my arm around Cal and he burst into tears because his buddy from his class is going to another school next year. He was worried he would never see him again. We walked to the car and when we got there, I found a SOBBING Andy. He was hysterical. He was so sad about leaving his teacher.

Insert mommy note here: I am beyond grateful that my boys had such great school years. I feel so so so happy, thrilled, ecstatic that my child had a teacher whom he cared for so deeply- and their bond is incredibly special to me. If I could build her a statue, I would- ha! Equally so, I am so thankful Cal had such a great friend in his class. A really good kid, with a similar mindset of Cal's. These two were tight this year, and I, too, was sad to hear of him going to another school. 

The tears did not fade away quickly- in fact, Andy's stuck around for quite a while. I finally suggested he make a video to send to beloved teacher. I am praying this loads because I want to save it forever and ever. He got choked up in the first the lip quiver:

So then he had to gather himself and tried again:

Fast forward a week, and the tears have stopped...however, the talking about this teacher has not. Pretty sure a day has not passed where she was not mentioned in some sort of discussion....
driving down the road, "did you know Mrs. Lee is a fast runner?"
"Wonder what Dolly is doing all day with Mrs. Lee not at school."
"Can we go by school and see if Mrs. Lee is there?"
"Pretty sure Mrs. Lee lives around here. Let's look for her." #stalker

 So that's a wrap on 1st and 2nd grade! I can NOT believe I will have a 2nd and 3rd grader in a few short months! I remember 3rd grade- actually really well! I met my best friend in 3rd grade (who was then my maid of honor in our wedding!!!). It just seems so old to me. I love watching them grow, but want them to stay my little guys forever and ever.


Where have I been?

Life is coming at me FAST and finding time to sit and do this just hasn't happened lately. I need to try to do more, shorter posts.

But for now.... here is a little look at life:

---We went to the beach for Memorial Day weekend. Highlights: new boat! nonstop outside time! great weather!

----I got a new niece AND a new nephew! Eddie's sister and her husband (Tricia and Tommy) welcomed Hallie Grace on May 25th, and my brother and his wife (Chris and Elizabeth) welcomed Christian Robert on June 1st! Both babies are healthy and both mamas are doing great too.

---Baseball season ended (with a loss in the championship game!)

----and swim team has started:

---- golf has wrapped up: both boys moved up a level- Cal to 100 yards, Andy to 50!

Sooooo in the process of completing this post- you can see where I have been and why I have not posted anything at all- hahaha. We have been BUSY! But good. Really really good! We are already soaking up summer!


Spring Pictures

Andy was adamant about his attire. Who am I to argue?

They told Cal to cross his arm and he thought it was funny:

Yup. Bought both. How could I not?


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Happy SEVEN, Andy!

Sweet Andy woke up on Friday, May 18th, as a BIG SEVEN YEAR OLD! I can't believe my BABY is seven!

 Proud of the balloon arch his momma made!

We started the day with donuts, which was Andy's pick....

He's a lucky kid to get to go on a field trip on his birthday! United SKATES of America for the win!
 They listened to a speaker from STEM talk about force and movement. And then they were READY to go!
 So glad I was able to go on this trip with him!
 I had every intention of skating along side my buddy, but there were a LOT of kids out there, and most of them were using the walker thing in the back....and ALL of them were falling.....HARD. I knew if I went out, I would be taken down. So I watched and videoed....and laughed. A lot.

 When the field trip was over, we headed home.... but made a quick stop at McDonalds for a blue icee. Whatever the birthday boys wants!

 A few weeks prior to this, my friend Amy called me and said she wanted to do a sleepover for her son, Brady, but that it would be on Friday night, Andy's birthday. I was about to say I am so sorry we have to miss it.... but then she said it was going to be in the Dean Smith Center. And seriously, how do you tell your kid they can't do that??? You don't. I couldn't do that to Andy!

So I took Andy to the Smith center (where UNC plays basketball) and he had the best sleep over ever- they ate dinner (with sport center on the big screen), played a TON of basketball, plated ping pong, watched a movie and finally fell asleep, in the locker room on the couches. A dream, right?
 They woke up early and shot more hoops before breakfast at Suttons.....
Pretty sure it was the best birthday everrrrrrrr!!!!!