Friday, January 20, 2017

Holiday Fun

I got super behind in all the blogging in December- sharing a few of the fun things we did, because if I don't blog it, did it really happen? That is a total joke.  But this is where I keep everything and I don't want to forget anything!

So, every year we go to the Carolina Inn with a bunch of couples and have a really fun time! Here was that night:

 We met at a neighbor's house and ubered there with them. 
 There is a mirror in the bathroom at the Carolina Inn that is just fantastic-- pretty sure everyone there took a selfie in it.  My mom wanted to see my full dress, so I used the mirror because I love it- hahahaha I was not the only one....hang on.....there will be more to come with this mirror.....
 fun with some of my faves (still in the bathroom).....
 Oh, hello, mirror posing again......
 My sweet brother! Any time we are out, my parents love to get a picture of us together-- so I got plenty..... just wait....

 My sweet Gigi!!!
 Love my Sall Sall!

 Smoking hot date!

 All of the girls... SO SO many!!!

And.... New Year's Eve Party!

Love Feast at Church: my most most favorite night of the season. 

That Sunday morning, the boys sang in church...

 Ready to roll!
 Cuties up there!

We had dinner that night at my mom's house-- it is my favorite favorite dinner of the year! Andy held court throughout the meal...

Church service started at 7-- these two were pumped to see each other before it started.
 These two were super content to color in church. 
 It was super sweet to watch Cal read the words off the bulletin and sing out loud. 
 My sweet pew mate. 
 They passed out coffee-- Cal leaned over and said "does this have hyper in it??" (it was caffeine free, btw).....

 Candles were passed out-- Eddie was a nervous wreck with the boys holding candles-- they got this!

And we ended the night with a walk to the car-- Andy loves him some Tommy!!!


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sleeping Boys

Ahhhh the great sleeping issue in our family. Eddie loves to sleep.  I enjoy sleeping.  Cal doesn't mind sleeping.  Andy doesn't really care for it.  Enter all the crying faces here. 

He has been getting on our floor in his sleeping bag-- this is fine, if he doesn't wake me up.  But lately, he comes in and wants to talk.  About everything and nothing.  Or he complains that he wants to get in our bed.  Finally last week, after being up with him for 2 hours, I put him in my spot next to Eddie and I got in his bed.  That is crazy.  But everyone went back to sleep, so whatever.  Cal slept through it all. 

After Cal's sleepover, he declared the guest bed the most comfortable bed in the house.  After Andy's sleepover with Grandma, she suggested he needs a bigger bed- maybe he doesn't like his twin (insert all the eye rolls here....the kid has been sleeping in a freaking sleeping bag!). 

So we made a deal with the boys Monday night:

 They got to sleep together.  I tucked them in a lectured them on going to sleep-- Bruce was right there through it all- hahaha
 I checked on them before going to bed and they were out cold. 
 Andy came into my room at 4 and asked me to help him with the covers-- and sure enough, Cal had pulled all of them over on his side-- he is the wildest sleeper!

But he went right back to sleep again and I had to pull them both out of bed at 6:30 the next morning. 
 Tuesday night, they did it again-- it took a bit to calm down, but then they were out cold (yes, Cal is sleeping in his that weird?) (funny story-- he sort of slept walked the other night....? he came in to our room with his robe on, hood up.  I said "what's up buddy?" he goes "yeah, I don't really know." and then walked back into his room and went to sleep-- again, his hood was up.... should have scared me to death, but I was too tired.)
Tuesday night again, Andy woke up at 11:45 with no covers on-- I fixed them and they both slept through from there.  We might be on to something!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weekend Update! Sell it all!

(eeek! just realized this didn't publish on Monday for whatever reason.... whoops! here is a LATE weekend update...on a Wednesday!)

Happy Monday and MLK day! We had a SUPER lowkey weekend-- and it's still happening since there is no school today!

I cleaned out Andy's closet last week and had a LOT of stuff that no longer fit-- but it was really nice stuff that I couldn't bring myself to just give to goodwill.  So I sold it all....! More on that below. 

First, in honor or MLK, this was Andy at pickup on Friday:
 Just chilling with a crown on. 

Then he got closer and I could read it:
Dr. King had a dream. My dream be nis to evrebody. 

That might be a keeper. 

Also a keeper....

CalBoy got to be Eagle of the Week! Whoop Whoop! I am super proud of him! (of course he got in the car and I was all excited- Andy goes "big deal, I already got that like months ago..." I had to remind Andy about the hat he JUST made..... be nis to evrebody.)

We did nothing Friday night.  Nada. Eddie picked up suski takeout and I think everyone was asleep super early.  I started a new book (holla! WILD Friday night!!!) and was asleep by 11!

Saturday morning, I went to popup and I am so glad I did! It was a great class and a lot of fun.  I was smiling the whole time I was getting my booty kicked.

This is Gina- another one of the popup instructors.... we wore the same shirt.  Amazing how different it can look- on her short torso vs my long torso- hahaha

Cal had a basketball game next, where my momma bear might have come out a little bit....

And then Andy had his first practice and he was BEYOND excited! Eddie and Cal went to the Carolina game,

 so I took nug to practice.  He was in HEAVEN.  He has been counting down for this season to start-- sick of watching Cal play, he was ready to play!

So, the sale I mentioned above... I was going to wait and do it on Sunday, but I got a few messages from people wanting it to be Saturday night.  

I prepped for this- and wanted to do it right.  So I divided everything up into categories (polo shirts, jeans, khaki pants, shorts, long sleeved button down, etc etc) and then made a cover page for each group:

and then I took a picture of each item and listed it under the cover pic with the brand, size and cost. I had a LOT of items.... holy cow, this isn't even a quarter of what I had.....

 So I started on Saturday night and people were buying things faster than  I could post them! It was so much fun! I created a facebook page to post all of this so I wasn't blowing up everyone's feeds.  It worked out really well and I hope to do something like this again! Several people who read this were in the group, so hopefully y'all got some good stuff!

I still have bags and bags to go to goodwill, but it is a start!

The boys begged and begged to sleep together (in a twin bed!) Saturday night.  Andy is back to being a horrible horrible sleeper, so we were hoping this would help (spoiler alert: it didn't).  How cute were they together though??

 Checked on them one more time before I hit the hay.... out cold. 
Until Andy came into our room, wide awake, wanting to talk about stuff.  And whine.  And cry.  And whimper.  Let me tell you-- Bruce was flat exhausted on Sunday...he can't handle the up all night business. 

Sunday was a great day-- it was soooo pretty outside! Andy went to a friend's house in the neighborhood and was gone the entire day.  Cal played with his buddy and had so much fun the whole day too.  Eddie went to a gun range with a friend and I settled up all of the sales from the night before and then did a bunch of house cleaning. 

I cleaned out a TON on Sunday and then the day ended with Cal's first sleepover! whoot!  There was a ton of debate over where to sleep-- our house or theirs, but in the end, Hunter wanted to stay here, so we hosted a sleepover!

 They slept in the guest bed and I was a little worried Cal was too excited to go to sleep- the kid couldn't stop grinning.  It was adorable. 

They did finally fall asleep- around 9:30 and slept until 7:15!

Where was Andy?! He was having a bit of a hard time with Cal having a friend over.  I half-jokingly texted my mom and asked if she wanted an Andy date, and she said she would LOVE one! My dad was out of town so she and Andy had a special night together and Andy slept in her bed (through the night!) and woke up asking for breakfast in bed (!!!).  Who does he think he is?!?! Well, whoever he thinks he is, it worked....

A nice little low key weekend.... with Monday off too so a quick week!