Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Andy graduates kindergarten!

Not everyone believes there should be graduations from every level of school-- and I agree that every grade doesn't need a graduation-- but I do think it's great to celebrate kindergarten graduation! many of these kiddos have never been to school before, and they just survived a year of waking up early and going for a FULL day of school!

The Thursday before Memorial Day weekend, we had Andy's graduation.  Eddie's parents were in town (they actually went to the beach, came back for graduation, and then went back to the beach again after!).

That morning before school, I snagged a few pictures of my love bugs.  Andy wore a collared shirt, but wasn't going any fancier than that. 

 Cal wanted to get out of class to come-- and the only way that was happening was if he wore a collared shirt as well (#momhack). 

These two cuties are my whole world-- those smiles mean the world to me.  

 One last one before school-- love they are each holding their (current) favorite sports-- totally unprompted too.  Cal was throwing a ball up and catching it and Andy was shooting hoops when I walked out. 

 On to graduation! The class marched in--
 And Andy's face lit up when he saw my mom and his Mimi sitting there.
 that grin......
 They had a ceremony, the kids sang two songs and each kid came up and received a "diploma." When they were called up, the teacher announced their name, favorite color, favorite food and what they wanted to be when they grew up.  Andy's was blue, pizza and a race car driver-- Lord help us all!

The night before this ceremony, we were talking about it an Andy goes "well, I have a talking part, so be ready." I was like you whaaaa???? I aske dhim what he was saying and he goes "I have no idea, but I have to yell it so everyone can hear me." So I was holding my breath in the end when he stood up...but he calmly said "thank you all for coming." And quickly sat back down hahah
 Andy had the same teachers Cal had last year.  And they are amazing.  I mean truly amazing.  We were bless by them last year and were so so lucky to be blessed by them again this year.  He had a wonderful kindergarten year and I know it was in part to these two. 

Pictures galore followed.....

 My mom was there, but I guess we took a pic of him with her on her phone instead of mine! (mom, send that to me when you read this! I will add to the blog!)

It was a great little ceremony with cake and all! I am proud of my buddy for working so hard this year.  Even though he "graduated" he still isn't out of school- haha