Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Update: gooooo HEELS!

*there are videos below...and they aren't showing up! Any one have any tips for me?? Why can't I see them? When I go to preview mode, I can see them......I think they are only showing up on computer- not on devices...?*

The weekend flew by, and we were busy busy for a good part of it.

Friday, after Popup, I took a tennis lesson with Pippa.  I have never played before and we were seeing if it was even something we would like to try.  It was SO fun! I wasn't good- at all- but that's why we are taking lessons! It is fun to think of a new potential hobby. Everyone we saw out there was so encouraging about us trying tennis.  We rewarded ourselves with some wine with lunch :).

 I picked up Andy from school and then we took the dogs on a walk and then went to grab Cal- Hank wanted to join us:

We came home to play for a bit before heading to the club for a cocktail party and to watch the Carolina game.

Apparently, the sun was more intense than I thought and I got some fabulous tan lines... whoops.

  I decided to wear the shirt anyway....

The boys were decked out in their Carolina gear for the game-- these outfits are good luck!! 
After the big W-I-N! wooohoooo!!!!!

We got home late and everyone was tired and both boys wanted me at the same time. We found humor in this and Cal suggested we take a picture... and I am glad he did:

The best kind of chaos!

Saturday was 100% pure craziness.  Eddie was in a golf tournament that was pretty much all day.  He was able to come to the first game of the day- Andy's basketball game at 8am.  It was early.  Whew.

It was his last game and he did great! After the game,we dropped Eddie off with his golfing buddies and then headed to the house to get some fun chores done... sadly, that vacuum won't run itself (speaking of... anyone want to sell me a roomba? I think we need one...big time.).

The next game was at 11:40: Cal's first soccer game of the season.  The team was very small for this game-- they had to have a player for the other team fill in our missing spot (Andy was asked to play and he declined- said they were too old for him...ohhhhhkay.....).  It was hot out and those boys played without a sub the entire game.  It was fun to watch him back out there again!

We came home briefly and then went to our next game: Cal's last basketball game!

Cal had soooo much fun playing in this game! It was really great watching him on the court- and his little fist pump after each basket.

Laynie got a basket too- had to get a picture of these sweet buddies after the game:

We left Cal's game and headed to the movies to see Zootopia with Pippa and her kids...we brought our own drinks ;)

After a BUSY day, it felt really nice to sit still in the theater.  Well, except I had this one next to me...who ended up on my lap.  I know I will miss him sitting on my lap in theaters one day...

We came home and were all tired.  Eddie had just walked in and was even more worn out from a day of golf (insert eye roll here-haha).  I bathed the kiddos and got everyone in bed and then I sat down to watch the Carolina game... this guy wanted to be alllllll up on me:

Finally he decided to lie down and watch the game too:

At half time, I went up and washed my face and got ready for bed and was going to watch second half in bed.  Cal woke up with a bad dream and I got him back to sleep again- he woke up a second time and asked about the game so I decided to bring him into bed with me to watch the second half-- 

We snuggled up and he did not move from this spot.  He very rarely snuggles any more so this was a little slice of heaven for me.

We were pumped to spot Ms. Amy on TV-- we had to rewind and take a picture:

AND THE HEELS WON!!!!! So so so so exciting!!! 

After the game, we turned off the TV and Eddie came up and caught this picture:

Sunday morning, we turned the clocks forward and got our days started.  I told the crew peace out and set out on my own for an hour or two.  I had some errands to run and needed to get out without someone in tow talking to me constantly.  I went to World Market and the mall and Target- fun times for me.

I met the crew at flag football where I got to see Andy get a touch down, Cal make a big run, and then Cal get a touch down.  It was awesome!

It was kind of an action packed weekend around here!

Our neighbor was kind enough to show Andy some worms that he is going to take fishing:

yuuuuuuck! No, thank you!

We wrapped up the weekend with some homework, grilling out and prepping for the week.  

We are off to the beach next weekend, so no games for us....! Not sure we will know what to do with a game-free weekend....

One more time: GO HEELS!