Sunday, May 22, 2016

Andy's 5th Birthday

On Wednesday the 18th, our little man turned five! He had a great- and busy day.  The night before,  we had dinner out after swim team practice.  He was practicing telling people he was five:
He came running Tuesday night to tell me he loved me one more time-- this is how he slept, minus the hat. 

We had house pictures on Wednesday, so the decorating was minimal, but I had to do some stuff! I wrapped his presents and set everything out for him for when he woke up. 

 His big gift this year was a lacrosse stick! I got him gloves too, and they are about the cutest things ever.  He keeps telling everyone that this is a real stick-- "it's even made of metal!"

 He opened this jersey from Mimi and put it on immediately-- he loves him some Curry!

He got the shorts as a gift from us and wanted to put on the entire outfit-- then wanted to hold his stick with gloves on- hahahaha
 Eddie picked up some breakfast for the boy and we sang to him as he blew out the candles.

Andy had school on his birthday, so I sent in a special treat-- cupcakes! I took Andy with me Tuesday night to the store to buy them and he CRACKED up at these: 
They are cupcakes with little "hot dogs" on top (a cookie broken in half with some icing in the middle to look like a hotdog).

I walked him into this classroom and took one more picture before leaving for the day-- my big 5 year old!

I went home after drop off and went on a CLEANING spree.  I cleaned like a crazy person.  The photographer was coming around noon so I cleaned and staged and got the house just right.  Then I went to pick up Andy and we went to Target... 

He got to walk up and down every single aisle and I didn't rush him once.  He touched every toy, picked up every little knick knack....  and I didn't stop him. 

at times it was painful-- but it was all about him, so I let him have some time.  And he was so happy. 

I had to run into the minute clinic and have a tick bite looked at, and when I finished signing in, I turned around and saw this:

We loaded up the car and he found his mask-- he was happy to cheese it up on his birthday!

We picked up Cal and the rain had stopped so they played in the driveway until it was time to go to swim practice.  

Andy actually wanted to participate in swim team and there were no tears at all-- and they even sang happy birthday to him! (that's him next to the guy in the white shirt)

We left swim practice and went to my parent's house for a birthday dinner! Thank goodness for them-- I couldn't have hosted and kept my house show-ready!

He opened some more gifts and posed:

 And blew out the candles on his cake-

And we headed home where he curled up on his bed, in his new sleeping bag (haha) and we kissed out new FIVE year old good night!
Pretty sure Andy had a great day-- we sure had fun celebrating him!!!