Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Life Lately

We've been super busy around here with the whole turning SEVEN thing.  Other than birthday festivities, here is a look at our life lately!

Homework! Cal doesn't really have any...Andy does.  Some days he does it without issue.  Other days are a struggle.   A big big struggle. 

 The other night the alarm wouldn't stop going off (I wrote about that already, but couldn't remember if I posted this picture already....).  The boys were terrified to go sleep in their rooms and begged to sleep on our floor together-- kind of a cute sight to wake up to!

Last Tuesday, while I was at work, I got a call from the boys' school that Andy had slammed his finger in a bathroom door.  They weren't sure it wasn't broken, so they had us pick him up.  Thankfully, Eddie was able to grab him and bring him to me at the preschool.  It is totally fine, but the bruise came up immediately and it was a pretty shade...!

Lunch at Chick Fil A makes everything better, right?!

More homework!!! I love that little tongue popping out-- pure concentration.  

Andy and Nash were pumped when their jerseys were handed out at tee ball last week.  Just in time for the games this past weekend. 

This whole wake up stuff is HARD.  I have to wake both boys at 6:30 and they usually look like this:

Bruce has decided he no longer needs me to walk him.  

I say it all the time-- this neighborhood is truly amazing.  Monday afternoon, we had a gaggle of boys in our side yard playing a full-on football game.  They all were wearing soccer flops and by the end of it, they were disgustingly muddy.  

I had to make the boys come in for baths-- Cal realized he hadn't loved on B yet that day and insisting on some kisses before the shower....

And then it was time to work on some thank you notes.  I remember my brother growing up having a hard time being a lefty because his hand would rub across the paper as he wrote.  I totally got it yesterday as Cal was writing-- it was a smearing MESS! I need to get him some stationary that isn't slick...? I think? I am not sure what we will use, but I will say this card got thrown away.  Ugh. 

And, because dad was out of town, I made meatloaf for CalBoy... and he literally gobbled it up.  All three helpings of it!

The first few weeks of school, the mornings were a struggle-- just figuring out the timing of when everything had to happen. We are finally starting to figure it all out (momma had to wake up earlier....but that's okay....), and we had time to take a few pics in the morning while we waited on carpool! hollla!

That's been life! We got some much needed rain Monday and Tuesday-- no soccer or baseball on Monday.  Not sure if we will have it Wednesday night. 

Thursday I am off to Ole Miss for some friends, football and FUN! xo