Monday, July 11, 2016

4th of July recap

I am soooo behind in blogger world! Helllllloooooo.....!

We went to the beach for 4th of July with Eddie's whole family and we had the best time! The weather was supposed to be awful the entire week, but we lucked out big time and had beautiful, sun-shiney days. 

Prepare for picture over load.... I should have been posting as the week went along, but there wasn't time for all that... so here you go!

We got down Wednesday and on Thursday it was a little bit overcast, so mom and I broke away (!!!!) and went to Beaufort to go shopping-- and shop we did! We got so much fun stuff! I am super excited!

 Can't you tell by my face above how excited I am?? That could also be from the bloody mary mom and I had at lunch... just saying.  Eddie and I are taking a trip together next month and I got some goodies for the trip.  There are some of the cutest shops in Beaufort. 

After my shopping spree, my mother in law and father in law and I took the boys to see Finding Dory.  Andy was all about the popcorn!
 It was a cute movie and the boys both really liked it. 

The big thing this week at the beach were the new electric scooters.  A bunch of the kids in the new neighborhood have them and the boys were telling my dad all about them and next thing we know, two new scooters have arrived....! He brought them to the beach and the kids could hardly wait to ride them. 

We took many boat rides-- especially to catch the sunset.  There's something about being on the water as the sun sets....

The tide was crazy high and the boys wanted to swim in the marina for a bit-- a little sunset dip.  

We spent the entire next day out on the water.  My most favorite thing to do while down there is take the boat to a little patch of sand in the middle of the sound and set up camp.  The kids swim and everyone is super happy.  

I remember taking this picture thinking how happy Andy looked.... then when I downloaded it and zoomed in on the picture, that is a miller light next to him! HA! I think I was sitting there and then got up to take the picture and left my drink.  Andy wasn't drinking it, I don't think.... hahahahaha

Every day we went out, we packed a ton of fruit. This kid would sit in his chair and eat a whole pint of strawberries-- literally every day.  

Me and my Nuggie Nug.  This kid is a beach bum.  

 While we were out there, another boat came and they had a kid who loved to "surf" on a little board.  Soon our boys were begging to do it-- now you can see from the picture below that there were zero waves-- that made this even more challenging! They would paddle and then pop up to surf/balance. 

 They spent a looooong time doing this- and I took about 50,000 pictures of them (alcohol may have been the cause of my trigger happiness....). 
Andy was obsessed and wouldn't quit until he stood up and balanced all the way into shore. 

Cal wanted a selfie too-- and I am not one to say no (obviously).  Love this sweet boy... 

More surfing (seriously, so many pictures......)

Eddie took the boys tubing a few times-- this is Cal and Tommy in this picture- hahaha

 I love going out on the boat but I also love going over to the beach.  We spent a full day over there and it was so so nice.  Cal did some skim boarding-

The brothers played so so hard on this day- I didn't think they would be able to walk home.  

My people!! Love these crazy boys in my life!

We spent so.much.time in the water boogey boarding-- they couldn't get enough. 
 My boys are just beach/water lovers, I think!
 Thankfully, CB was there and willing to help me in the water with them!

The wind was picking up so, as I am sure you can guess, Eddie was itching to blow up his kite... CB and I were laughing as the kite went up.  

 And he's off!

The boys (all of them!) were flat spent after that big day-- Andy fell asleep HARD on Eddie.  I picked him up and carried him to his bed and tucked him in and he never woke up.  Y'all know that never happens with Andy!

The 4th of July started off with a BANG and a trip to the urgent care for some stitches.  You can read about that HERE.  

We headed out on the boat and while we were getting ready, a man on the dock caught a fish.  Andy really wanted a picture with it, but the fish was fighting him pretty good.  So the man put the fish in Andy's net instead- hahaha (yes, he is wearing a cape.)

So this cape has pretty much going everywhere with us since Andy's birthday back in May.  I think it looks great with a bathing suit. 

Looking so old, CalBoy!!!! 
 This sums up nug pretty well....

 Heading out for a boat ride....

 We spent most of the day on an island and then came home for 4th of July festivities.  How cute is my mom? Ignore me and my face-- clearly I needed to apply some make up.... I was enjoying being makeup free all week!

We loaded up the boat to watch some fireworks from the sound. 

We spent the next day on a little island again (noticing a theme??). Cal wore one of Eddie's big floppy hats to keep his stitches from getting too much sun.  

Andy just wanted to surf.  Again.  
 Eddie brought a board for him to play on and he did-- for hours. 

We had a crazy rough, bumpy ride back and this kid slept the entire way.  We hit a few waves really hard and he never woke up.  Amazing. 

We were greeted by these cuties when we got home.  How sweet are they?!
 Our last night there, I couldn't find Bruce-- looks like he was wanting to keep an eye on his boy.  Bless him.  
Phew! Did you make it to the end?? LONG post- sorry! I have so much to post this week, hopefully.  I will be better.... maybe. 

Hope y'all had a great 4th of July!!! This summer is FLYING by!!!