Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Happy SIX, Andy!

On May 18th, Andy turned six! I say it every year, but really, how can that be? I swear he was just my little two year old buddy.  Makes my head spin how fast all of this is happening.  He drives me up a wall most days, but no one loves harder than Andy-- he has the best heart.  He is funny as hell and makes me laugh every day.  He is sensitive and friendly and loves to have fun.  He is a momma's boy....big time.  I roll my eyes that he will only let ME take him potty (etc etc etc), but secretly, I soak it all up and love it.  He won't want me around him for long, so I truly try to enjoy all of his attention now.

Okay, on to the birthday...

 I had a lot of fun with balloons with the decorations this year:

 and his face when he came down the stairs the morning of his birthday was pretty much priceless: "hey! that spells my name!"
 I decorated after he went to bed, and then had to sneak in for one last picture of my precious Nugget Williamson- out like a light.  I was emotional on this birthday- I think because 6 sounds so old? Maybe it's because of two hands? I don't know.... but it feels old. 
 He woke up at 5 with a pillow falling off the bed, but then fell back asleep again-- I, on the other hand, couldn't fall back asleep- I was too excited! haha, I am a birthday freak, what can I say?

side note: I remember when I was younger, I was so excited on the night before my bestie's birthday, I couldn't sleep either.  And then I would wake up extra early and wait to call her every year before school-- how crazy is that? Ange, you remember those calls?!?!?!

So, Andy woke up and was pumped to see his name in balloons.... those letters are BIG!

He opened presents and was super excited about it all-- this was a big time basketball theme year!

And then blew out six candles in a donut-

 He was off to school and I went to work and then we went to his class to take cupcakes-- they were so sweet to sing to him and make him feel special!

That afternoon was a little rough.  I think they were tired and jealous (Cal) and grumpy and whatever else.  Ugh, hate to admit this, but both boys were sent to their rooms and a spanking was given.... not proud.  Keeping it real.  Ugh. Again, not proud.

But we regrouped and had a baseball game! Sadly, they lost 8-9 to put us out of the was a heart breaking loss, but these two both ended the season with smiles, so I am proud of them.

And for the next four months, I get to have a 6 and 7 year old.... how crazy is that?

Andy opened presents from my parents after the game and the next morning, he had the VERY difficult task of deciding which new shirt to wear.  This was the final outfit-- he dabbed for a pic to send to grandma and grandpa:

He's going through a bit of a Steph Curry phase.... can you tell?????

 CB came in Saturday morning and gave Andy his gift of catcher's gear! SO fun!

And then it was party time on Saturday! I made these jerseys for all the kiddos (I should say boys because it was an all boys party!) and had them out for the kids to grab upon arrival.  

I asked Andy what he wanted on his jersey and without hesitating, he said "Nuggie, 106." Soooo, who am I to argue??? Honestly, y'all.... who is this kid?

All he wanted for his party was to play basketball.  This was, quite possibly, the most perfect party for him EVER.  All the kids arrived and shot around for a while....
 And then a massive game of knockout happened, and it was crazy exciting and everyone was screaming and cheering.....

And then they decided they wanted to play a game-- this has all been without any adult help.  They all sat on the bleachers and then two captains came out and picked the teams-- there was zero drama with this (how?!?!?!? I don't get it.... but there wasn't!). 
 And the jerseys were reversible so one team turned theirs inside out and next thing I knew, we had a jump ball happening!
 A team huddle to discuss the plan. 
 These boys played HARD... omg, so hard.  They were dripping in sweat when it was over.  I am not sure I have ever seen so much sweat.  After an hour of hoops, we headed into the party room where they had cuties (drawn on like basketballs), orange gatorade, pirates booty and some cake!

As soon as they were done eating (about 3 minutes....), they headed back into the gym to continue playing-- no one wanted to stop! It could have gone on for several more hours, amazingly.  

Cal was just as happy as the birthday boy-- grinning ear to ear the whole time!
 Blowing out the candles, ready to dig in!
 It was such a fun few days celebrating Andy! Bring on SIX!!!!