Thursday, November 17, 2016

New York, New York!

Every year, my mom and I take a trip together.  We look forward to this trip all year long! There is no one telling us what to do when-- we can eat when we want to eat, we can shop where and when we want to shop (and for however long we want!)... it is really, really GREAT. 

My mom and I are super close-- we talk on the phone constantly and we tell each other everything.  I am so thankful to have a mother like this, and I really value our time together.  It makes this trip even more special!

We left last Sunday morning, super early.  We had to take a selfie on the airplane going-- I had a great sun spot on my chin.... this made us laugh way too hard.  

We landed and dropped off our bags and were on our way! We always do the same routine when we go to the city... it is totally not everyone's cup of tea, but it definitely is for us! We went to Macy's and had a great time.  Sent dad a selfie from the holiday shop-- we do every year!
 We had a great lunch and then continued to shop. ... we decided it was time for a bubbly break so we went to this little bar that is by the shoes and ordered two glasses of champagne.... they were $18 a glass so we were only going to have one....
 But when I went to pay, the total was $10.... for BOTH glasses...! This made us super excited. 

 So we took full advantage! It sure was a HAPPY hour!

 Things got a little messy the rest of the night (see above picture).  Not sure we have ever laughed so hard.  Holy smokes, we were crying we were laughing so hard. 

We had entirely too much fun with this pillow-- can't even start to explain it, but omg we were dying.  

Don't we look happy?!
 So we made reservations both nights at some fun restaurants that promised excellent food and atmosphere.... on the first night, we had been up since 3 am, and had a whole lot of champagne,, so we opted out of the reservations and instead hit up the food truck right outside of our hotel....yummmmm.... apparently it is famous-- and there is always a huge line is so so so good. 
 Monday morning we were up and out-- but not real early.... not that I was complaining!!! We checked on the Rockefeller tree-- it's big!
 And we had to stop in the lego store so I could take some pics for Andy.  All legos!

We did some shopping and then we had afternoon tea at the plaza! Such a treat! It is a total indulgence, I know.  But we love it!

Henri Bendel did not disappoint.... omg, it was extra great this time.  

We hit up another happy hour, canceled dinner reservations again and continued shopping.  What do you think of the hat?? Oh, and there is wine in that cup.....

An elevator selfie!!! Love my momma....
 Sorry for all the picture overload- clearly I got "carried away...."!!!!! ha!
We flew home Tuesday night, and of course got delayed coming home.  Ugh.  We were supposed to leave at 5 and we didn't leave until after 10.  Eddie was out of town so I had a sweet babysitter at home covering for me and then Eddie's sister went over to relieve her. 

Even being delayed couldn't spoil our fun!!! It was such a fun time with my mom, making memories!